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Brilliantly Flawed

Much leadership development work, talk and rhetoric seems to focus on apparent models of excellence. Such “excellence” may be the zeitgeist, cultural expectations, truly evidence based or just philosophically attractive. Even when the focus is on understanding self and impact, there is a tendency to focus on strengths and perhaps mitigate unproductive behaviours. At its best, … Continue reading

Inspiration & sharing

In my second week of this daily blogging routine I’ve found inspiration from a number of sources very much connected to the work that I do… “A bit of a kicking” – a funny way to start the week perhaps but some things we do have to bear… Do you really want a “Coaching Culture” – … Continue reading

Showing your colours

There’s a moment in team development when you see the whole team show their colours, together. It’s a beautiful moment and a tipping point. This isn’t at all about deception or hidden intentions as that idiom might suggest. It’s all about the team showing what they really stand for. It’s all about the team being the … Continue reading

Do you really want a “Coaching Culture”?

Coaching is an important developmental skill. Coaching relationships can be incredibly powerful ways to support people in their development both inside and outside the workplace. Much contemporary thinking indicates it should a cornerstone of leadership in all organisations. I don’t disagree. Organisational context and need is critical but there is huge value to be gained from developing coaching … Continue reading

Sharing and challenging?

This week, I’ve blogged on a range of professional interests… Valued or Harmful Challenge? – looking at what it takes to create meaningful challenge; Rapport and chemistry in Coaching? – challenging perceptions of rapport in coaching; Reverse Mentoring – backwards thinking? – challenging issues of power, language and application in mentoring; Context in Exploration – looking at how we … Continue reading

Reverse Mentoring – backwards thinking?

I think there’s a problem with the term “Reverse Mentoring”. In part it’s semantics that I can easily see past – activities termed as “reverse mentoring” can be usefully informative and value creating. However, in part there’s something very fundamental that I sense misses the point of mentoring completely… Reverse Mentoring is most often used … Continue reading

Rapport and chemistry in Coaching?

I’ve been thinking about just how much of a focus there really should be on building rapport and chemistry in a coaching relationship… There’s no denying that it’s nice to have rapport and to feel that there is good chemistry. Often coaches and coachees will point to this as part of what they value in the … Continue reading

Valued or Harmful Challenge?

Bringing challenge can be an important way to help others think differently and more deeply, breaking through the blind spots and passive resistance we can all possess at times. It’s not the sole preserve of leadership but I believe it is an essential capability for all leaders. In bringing challenge, you might be familiar with … Continue reading

Nurtured Development

Yesterday morning, Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour broadcast an interesting piece on the issue of when is it OK to leave your children alone at home. You can hear it here towards the beginning of the broadcast with Sarah Crown (Mumsnet Editor) & John Cameron (Head of Childline from the NSPCC). It’s a topic my wife & I … Continue reading

Serendipity – the Leadership challenge

I’ve written before about serendipity and I strongly believe it’s where we find the opportunity to make a greater difference. Yet in this modern, social world we find the need to create levels of order to cope with the volume and chaos… We use lists to manage our Twitter stream; connect only to those we … Continue reading