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A SoMe Reflective Toolkit #WOL

I’ve been looking into the way we and especially leaders use Social Media. I’m building a toolkit to help people examine and reflect on how they interact on such platforms using Twitter as the test bed. In looking at how leaders use Social Media, I’ve written before about purposeful and meaningful behaviours. I think the … Continue reading

Leaders: Are you getting the most from Social Media?

My Passle post explores the question of if and how leaders are reviewing what they are doing (or could be doing) on social media. Continue reading

Short and Long

The short term view begets short term results. A reaction. A process. An action done. It moves from A to B but rarely helps get you to C. It helps you get to B but then you need another short term view to get to C. Multiplicity of short term views begets similar and more. … Continue reading

Are you leading?

There’s an awful lot written and spoken about leadership. It comes in varying colours, shades and guises. Most of what is written is about the value and impact of differing leadership styles and approaches – how to lead. Some of it may personally appeal and some of it may not. Some of it may actually … Continue reading

Where is L&D when it comes to organisational performance?

I’ve recently noticed L&D starting to talk about performance on social media. Not a lot but it’s there in language such as “performance support“. Yet when I think about the latest HR zeitgeist of eradicating performance appraisals – fundamentally about learning and development – I really struggle to think of anyone in the L&D space … Continue reading

Why do we blog not vlog?

About 18 months ago my son posted his first YouTube video. It was a neat little 2 minute “how to” video for Minecraft. Yesterday I realised that it has had more views than all of my blog posts in the last 18 months. That’s a little sobering don’t you think? Now there are differences in … Continue reading

Beyond the “coaching silence”

In coach training you’re made very aware of the impact and value of silence. In fact I wrote a little about what this feels like as a practitioner earlier this year here in “The Silent Performance“. Recent events and experiences make me want to add to that earlier writing. When we find ourselves in coaching and … Continue reading

Showing your colours

There’s a moment in team development when you see the whole team show their colours, together. It’s a beautiful moment and a tipping point. This isn’t at all about deception or hidden intentions as that idiom might suggest. It’s all about the team showing what they really stand for. It’s all about the team being the … Continue reading

“A bit of a kicking”

I’m afraid there are times in some of our working lives when we get what is often called “a bit of a kicking”. That spoken assault when, no matter how pointed or aggressively given, you really have little choice but to just take what is thrown at you. You see, it’s not about what you’ve done … Continue reading

Context in Exploration

There was an interesting #LDInsight chat last Friday asking the question: “What is really required to learn a new skill /change behaviour?”. I still have mixed feelings about whether anyone working in the field called Learning and Development should be able to give a robust answer to this… …On the one hand, if you don’t know … Continue reading