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(Twitter) Personality Insights

How we turn up online (or don’t) should be an important inquiry for any leader. Continue reading

Wasn’t it always so?

I get it. Finally. I’ve known for some time that it’s the case with LinkedIn. Too many agendas. Not enough care. Lots of paper thin. I see the game. It hasn’t changed. It’s just got busier. The players have got better at playing the game. I’ve not seen a demonstrable shift in quality. But I’ve … Continue reading

Why should I share with you?

The skylarks sing so bright, a joy to behold. It enriches my day. So why should I share them with you? Thinking, critique, solutions & discoveries. Investments I make in being better than I am. So why should I share them with you? My life, my challenges, my vulnerability. The stuff that matters deeply to … Continue reading

Baselines, Deeper Metrics & Useful Comparisons

What does it say? I’m not quite sure but it’s making me think a little deeper. That’s what I think good and useful metrics do. Continue reading

Unintentionally pointless

I’ve been having a bit of a clear out both IRL and even more so on social media… Continue reading

Calling time

The energy we choose to bring makes all the difference. Continue reading

Fierce Friendship

We all need fierce friends in our work. Friends who will stand by us… and who will say no way am I going to stand there and neither should you. Friends who will cheer us on… and who will challenge us and tell us how wrong we are. Friends who will connect us to what … Continue reading

Norfolk skies

All these places with spaces that people need to fill with the mass makings of others wanting the means to fill their spaces with the makings of others… Will the serpent never stop eating it’s own tail? Sustained by that which we can never truly consume, the currency of money fuels the serpent. By nature … Continue reading

Go find your skylarks

I’ve spent literally 100s of days walking this field. I’ve seen every season, every weather, every time of day. I’ve seen deer, foxes, owls, hawks, winter migrant birds. I’ve walked through the high grass midsummer and trudged through the snow midwinter. I’ve taken shelter under the oaks and hedges when the skies have opened. I’ve … Continue reading

Engaging Socially in 2015

I joined LinkedIn back in 2004. I joined Twitter (@changecontinuum) in 2008. The company website (www.changecontinuum.com) went live early 2010. I also started blogging on Blogger in 2010 but I hated what I wrote, deleted it all and restarted in January 2011. A couple of years later I shifted from Blogger to this WordPress site. Over time, I’ve looked … Continue reading