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Where are the camp fires & cave paintings?

Where now is that connection across the bright flames? The rituals of feeding in the firewood. Of stoking embers. Our faces towards each other. The dark behind us. The firmament overhead. That shared endeavour to sustain our bodies, together. Those smokey traces left in the morning air remembering our last connection together. Where are the camp … Continue reading

I’m special as myself

This is a very special blog post for me for a number of reasons… It’s not written by me but by my youngest son aged 10. He’s written it in support of #HemiplegiaAwarenessWeek which the lovely folks at @HemiHelp organise each year. Its simple message is full of both reality and appreciation. It’s the 200th post … Continue reading

Where do you discuss blog posts?

You may have read my recent post “No Comment Here… Let’s Discuss Elsewhere” over on my other blog at Passle. In it I shared my thoughts about the changing dynamics I see on blog comments. For me, most of my discussion about other peoples blog posts tends to be either over on Twitter or just when I … Continue reading

We are Explorers, Discoverers and Adventurers

We like to think that we are explorers… discoverers… adventurers. We like to think that we are exploring the unknown. We like to think that what we find is novel. It is and yet often it is not. Our exploration, discovery and adventures are mostly in the realms of what we do not know ourselves. … Continue reading

Listening for Stealers Wheel

If you’ve ever seen the film “Reservoir Dogs” it was quite possibly the first time you heard Stealers Wheel (Gerry Rafferty & co) singing “Stuck in the Middle With You”. The scene it was played in is now iconic… Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen) dances to the music which both obscures & accompanies the helpless plight … Continue reading

The Business of White Noise

Business… trade or profession; commercial activity. White Noise… random talk without meaningful content. Look… I can see you do superficial really well. Your frenetic Twitter timeline shows the broad shallowness of your sharing. The lack of meaningful dialogue and your constant affirmation that all things are cool, great, fab, groovy…. LOL…  just confirms this superficiality. I know… … Continue reading

Twitter 500

So any of you who have been following my little experimentations with Twitter following might be interested in a little update… a few of you have asked & I’m long overdue – sorry. If you’ve not been following and want to read the background then I explain here & here. Any of you who have … Continue reading

Keep on dreaming

The joy of being a parent is the wonderment that your children provide. There’s nothing quite as special as when they touch you with their own unique and incisive view on the world; when they teach you what it is to be human. My son Eoin wrote this piece below which has now been published … Continue reading

A Story about Change Leadership

There’s a lot that can be written about leading change and aspects such as change resistance.  It’s a major part of my professional practice and I’ll be writing more pieces on leading change in the coming weeks. To start though, I want to share this story with you. I hope it makes you think about … Continue reading

Twitter Focus

For the last month I’ve been strictly limiting myself to following only 150 people on Twitter.  You can read more on my thinking about this and other peoples reactions here. What I want to share with you in this post is what the first month has been like. Hocus Pocus I want to start by describing … Continue reading