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Honouring others

My whole family are big fans of of the TV series “Parks and Recreation“. So much so in fact that we’ve delayed watching the final episodes of the last ever season until this week. We just didn’t want it to end… I don’t want give details (spoilers) but the series ending is a beautifully crafted … Continue reading

Why should I share with you?

The skylarks sing so bright, a joy to behold. It enriches my day. So why should I share them with you? Thinking, critique, solutions & discoveries. Investments I make in being better than I am. So why should I share them with you? My life, my challenges, my vulnerability. The stuff that matters deeply to … Continue reading

Feedback would happen all of the time if… we doggedly pursue a false path

This post was crafted in response to the blog carnival being hosted by Helen Amery. You can read more about it here or by checking out #FeedbackCarnival on Twitter. Feedback would happen all of the time if… we doggedly pursue a false path I get a bit sparked about discussions on feedback. Not because what … Continue reading

6 books that have shaped my practice

What is your philosophy and approach to the work that you do? What books have shaped your practice? Good questions to ask I think! Prompted by Jo Stephenson (@JoeyStephO) I’ve spent a few hours rummaging through the bookshelves and thinking carefully about the books that have most influenced my practice, approach and philosophy to the work … Continue reading


We all have needs, don’t we? The problem is that we don’t really say enough about what we need. What might show instead could be bravado, promotion, consideration, connection, silence, rejection… Maybe those are peoples needs? I really doubt it. They are more likely the manifestations of unspoken needs. So what are those needs? How … Continue reading

Slightly Awkward

Even the word awkward is slightly awkward, don’t you think? There’s surely a word for that linguistic characteristic… Perhaps that’s why we don’t want to be awkward? Why we don’t want others to feel awkward. Why we want to put others at their ease. Why we want them to feel comfortable. Perhaps… Yet I want … Continue reading

Ceteris paribus

All other things being equal… Perhaps a useful statement for a theoretical economic model but surely that’s where it stops… Where else do we consider the effect of some causes in isolation, by assuming that other influences are absent? Well how about those annual performance appraisals many organisations are looking at right now? When you look … Continue reading

The Business of White Noise

Business… trade or profession; commercial activity. White Noise… random talk without meaningful content. Look… I can see you do superficial really well. Your frenetic Twitter timeline shows the broad shallowness of your sharing. The lack of meaningful dialogue and your constant affirmation that all things are cool, great, fab, groovy…. LOL…  just confirms this superficiality. I know… … Continue reading

Keep on dreaming

The joy of being a parent is the wonderment that your children provide. There’s nothing quite as special as when they touch you with their own unique and incisive view on the world; when they teach you what it is to be human. My son Eoin wrote this piece below which has now been published … Continue reading

Carbon Copy

How sad to think that the only remaining demonstrable vestige of a 200 year old invention to create copies of correspondence is the automaton-like persistence of the many to distribute, often unthinkingly. For the last 35 years the explosion of electronic mail has increasingly shown little regard for the purpose of using that “carbon copy” let … Continue reading