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Something Special

If you look to the right of your screen you’ll see what you’ve done for the past 500 or so days… found it? That’s it… you’ve read this blog over 10,000 times! You probably didn’t realise but in doing so you’ve done something quite special for me. This 80th blog post explains…  Your reading I … Continue reading

The Pseudo-Intellectual Blog-Bomb of Ignorance

Do you know what really bugs me?  Bloggers who don’t participate in the debate or discussion they started. It’s like they’ve lobbed a pseudo-intellectual blog-bomb into the ether then scurry away to hide in their blog-bunker.  Jumping onto the zeitgeist bandwagon the sycophantic plebeians of social media swarm around their blog like it was the … Continue reading

Friday Wondering – Our Social Contract

Each Friday I’m posting a “Friday Wondering“. These posts are meant to explore & discuss observations or issues which I think would benefit from discussion. Participation is open to absolutely anyone regardless of their expertise or knowledge. Just bring your curiosity! If you’d like to discuss on Twitter rather than here then why not. It … Continue reading

Warnocking & Leadership

Even if you don’t work in the HR space, you know that feedback is important. It’s how we learn & develop. If it’s well delivered, feedback is engaging. It’s a gift. Warnock’s Dilemma  Those of you who blog may be familiar with the phenomenon that is called Warnock’s Dilemma. If you are not then there … Continue reading


This blog has been going for nearly a year now. What started as a tentative dip of the toe has now become part of what I do and integral to my business.  Ultimately though, if I want my blog to achieve something for my business then I need to be able to measure its impact. … Continue reading

A Calendar of Blogs

Who’s on your blog radar? There are lots of good blogs out there aren’t there.  At various times of the year various listings or rankings of top bloggers hits the timeline providing great endorsement and signposting to some wonderful reading and discussion. But what about all the other bloggers?  You know, the ones who blog … Continue reading


I wrote a blog that I’m particularly proud of.  It was from the heart.  It was in response to prejudice & ignorance.  I had hoped it might educate. I think the people who know me professionally would have appreciated it.  Those who know me personally would have seen me & my life in all of … Continue reading

A Thorny Issue

  I’ve become a big fan of blogs.  Anyone who visits here will know how often I blog, how I do it and what I talk about.  I also enjoy reading other peoples blogs and when possible I like share my comments on what the author has made me think about.   Yet I’m struck … Continue reading