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Question less? #WOL

I’m working out loud on some thinking here. It’s refining itself as I spend more time with it. I’m not sure what I will do with it. I know it needs others’ eyes now. If there’s something you can or want to add, please do so. I’d be interested to see what this provokes. Trust & … Continue reading

Challenging Talent

Some people are very good at putting talented people into boxes. As much as you might like or hate that concept it can be useful in many different ways. Some people are very good at seeing how talented people could be put into “boxes” you hadn’t even imagined. Seeing differently tests people differently which is often a really good … Continue reading

Reverse Mentoring – backwards thinking?

I think there’s a problem with the term “Reverse Mentoring”. In part it’s semantics that I can easily see past – activities termed as “reverse mentoring” can be usefully informative and value creating. However, in part there’s something very fundamental that I sense misses the point of mentoring completely… Reverse Mentoring is most often used … Continue reading

Valued or Harmful Challenge?

Bringing challenge can be an important way to help others think differently and more deeply, breaking through the blind spots and passive resistance we can all possess at times. It’s not the sole preserve of leadership but I believe it is an essential capability for all leaders. In bringing challenge, you might be familiar with … Continue reading

L&D – “free-ride” or a partner in the journey?

People can’t help but learn from their experiences. It’s impossible not to learn from them. However, what people learn from their experiences is largely within their own control. How they apply their learning is largely their choice. So I wonder could L&D be getting a “free ride” in thinking that… …the analysis of “needs” is … Continue reading