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Changing Culture

Culture is something we can help shape and craft only if we are willing to work with it’s beautifully complex fluidity. Continue reading

Short and Long

The short term view begets short term results. A reaction. A process. An action done. It moves from A to B but rarely helps get you to C. It helps you get to B but then you need another short term view to get to C. Multiplicity of short term views begets similar and more. … Continue reading

Context in Exploration

There was an interesting #LDInsight chat last Friday asking the question: “What is really required to learn a new skill /change behaviour?”. I still have mixed feelings about whether anyone working in the field called Learning and Development should be able to give a robust answer to this… …On the one hand, if you don’t know … Continue reading

Life Transitions at Work

I’m at an age now where either myself or my nearest and dearest have experienced various significant life transitions or events… and there are more to come as is the way of things. Most of these life transitions or events aren’t modern inventions – they are a very real part of life. Those who have … Continue reading

Developing Talent to Lead the Future

There’s a difference between the capabilities that we need to drive change and the attitudes that we need to develop for our future organisations. The former is deeply human. Insights from neuroscience are better helping us understand what leadership capabilities make the difference to leading change with other humans. The latter is deeply cultural. Research … Continue reading

Challenging Leadership Development

Leadership programmes can be a great way to develop leaders both individually and collectively. Increasingly, it seems that the content provides just a convenient backbone for the greater value which is of course the conversations. Connecting, coaching, talking, sharing, collaborating and building relationships becomes the fulcrum for action. Content far less so. Our quite reasonable … Continue reading

The Silent Performance

I’m sat across from my client and the silence is waiting. We begin and the client speaks, settling in and starting to share what is important to them; what is important right here, right now. The silence is waiting for me to perform. The client stops speaking and listens; their own words and thoughts echoing, changing, moving. … Continue reading

To, Over or Beyond the horizon

Imagine yourself stood in the landscape. You may or may not like where you are stood but you have a need or desire to reach a point on or before the horizon. To get there you may or may not need to plan, prepare, organise, seek support, create what you need. Some journeys need sound … Continue reading

We are Explorers, Discoverers and Adventurers

We like to think that we are explorers… discoverers… adventurers. We like to think that we are exploring the unknown. We like to think that what we find is novel. It is and yet often it is not. Our exploration, discovery and adventures are mostly in the realms of what we do not know ourselves. … Continue reading

Change Advocacy

Who advocates change in your organisation? How do they advocate it? Who do they advocate it to? All important Change Leadership questions but just as important if not more so is the question of what impact is that advocacy having? After all, the purpose of advocacy is to build authentic support for the change(s) you … Continue reading