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The Language of Change

“Change” is talked about & experienced so much in many organisations that for some people the word itself is a barrier. Just using that word “change” can create a level of resistance that defies direct scrutiny but all the same prevents engagement. I happen to think that’s also a very human dynamic – don’t we all … Continue reading

Whose OD is it anyway?

Take a look at the organisation you are in or the organisations that you work with. Who in the organisation should have or has the responsibility to… Increase trust between people, teams & groups Increase levels of satisfaction & commitment between people, teams & groups Confront problems rather than neglect them Effectively manage conflict Increase … Continue reading

Change Failure?

There continues to be a myriad of “expert” articles published (mostly on the internet of course) quoting numerous statistics about change failure rates. Typically, this apparently popular narrative will state that somewhere between 50-70% of change fails. I’ve said before, I struggle to find any such statistic useful… Knowing that people & organisations can struggle to lead change … Continue reading

Change Balance

If you know me you probably know how passionate I am about Change Leadership. Given that so many organisations struggle to land change well, a focus on this broad multi-faceted form of leadership would seem to be well overdue. We need leaders & leaderships groups with the capability to envisage, lead and execute change in a … Continue reading

Lead to Change, Change to Lead

There’s lots I can & often do say about leadership but at its most fundamental my philosophy is that leadership creates change… We lead to change. If you aren’t creating change then you aren’t leading. It’s possibly not something you’ve thought about… and that’s OK. Just because you haven’t thought about leadership in this way … Continue reading

Leader of the band?

There’s a quite common analogy that compares the role of leadership to the conductor of an orchestra or a band. You’ve possibly even heard of leadership development programmes that ask senior leaders to actually conduct an orchestra. [Yes I do have a very old video of my leadership/conducting skills, and no you can’t see it … Continue reading

To be like you

What if you knew others wanted to be like you… What if you knew that the way you listened enhanced the quality of their thinking… What if you knew that your words helped them see more clearly… What would you do? If you knew these things, I believe you’d do more to help others. I … Continue reading

The secret at the heart of change?

If you’ve looked, you’ve probably noticed that there are thousands of articles, books, blogs even (!) on creating sustainable change in organisations. Lots of them are very well written resources for those with an interest. There’s also a common perception (which would purport to be based in fact) that says 70% of change initiatives in corporations … Continue reading

The Spice Cupboard of Life

Growing up and even now in our own home, we have a cupboard full of herbs & spices. I’m sure many of you have similar culinary arrangements. However, many a time, I’ve found there’s often a disorganisation at work… humans have been busy! Bottles and jars are taken out of their place and put back … Continue reading

A Story about Change Leadership

There’s a lot that can be written about leading change and aspects such as change resistance.  It’s a major part of my professional practice and I’ll be writing more pieces on leading change in the coming weeks. To start though, I want to share this story with you. I hope it makes you think about … Continue reading