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Learning Dialogue

It doesn’t seem like it’s only 1 week ago that we were kicking off the 2nd L&D Connect Unconference (#ldcu)… If you missed it there’s a Storify you can read and my good friend Sukh Pabial (@sukhpabial) wrote a pretty comprehensive piece here with links to other post-LDCU blogs. For reference, I wrote the post … Continue reading

HR or Resourceful Humans?

Employee Relations, Personnel, Human Resources, Human Capital Management? All names that will provoke or evoke… Perhaps we could change to the latest zeitgeist… do we have SoMeHR yet? I’m sure there’ll be some nice, lucrative gigs on the speaking and book writing circuits… Yet there’ll still be fans & critics as there has been for … Continue reading

Change Resistance is not Evil!

It’s probably something you won’t often hear… yet there is such focus in organisations on how to overcome change resistance as though it was indeed some form of evil.  That’s the view of those who don’t understand change. Change resistance is useful.  Change resistance is what stops us from supporting actions that we perceive as … Continue reading

Attention Dilution

I’m well used to being reminded that as a man I can’t multi-task.  I’m not wholly in agreement but if you want to argue the toss then perhaps take a read of this and this.  I’ll also see if I can’t find a friendly neuroscientist to give a more up to date view on brain … Continue reading

The Future of L&D

Last Friday, thanks to @DebbieCarter20, I was lucky enough to attend the Training Journal L&D2020 event on “The new L&D skill set – building relationships with the business”. Run by John Baker from Capita and Andy Holmes from Ernst & Young, the focus was on the changing role and skill set of L&D to meet the … Continue reading

We have moved!

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to move from Blogger to this new WordPress site! The old blog at http://peopleperformancepotential.blogspot.co.uk will remain in place but will no longer be updated. All of the old posts and comments have been migrated over apart the the very last post Celebrations, Winners & the Closing Ceremony. I hope you … Continue reading

Offering unconditional positive regard

Today’s guest post on “Positive Practices in Coaching & Mentoring” comes from Meg Peppin. If you don’t already know her, Meg is an experienced organisational development practitioner, coach, group facilitator and organisation change agent. She has a delightful blog and can be found tweeting as @OD_Optimist . Meg’s post starts with a quote that resonates beautifully throughout … Continue reading

Something Special

If you look to the right of your screen you’ll see what you’ve done for the past 500 or so days… found it? That’s it… you’ve read this blog over 10,000 times! You probably didn’t realise but in doing so you’ve done something quite special for me. This 80th blog post explains…  Your reading I … Continue reading

Beecroft – Who is Under Performing?

OK there’s a lot being written about the Beecroft Report at the moment and I’ve hesitated to write anything at all. However, there’s an important aspect to this story which just doesn’t seem to be coming out loudly. Who is underperforming?  Current perspective  The Telegraph’s story yesterday included a headline saying :  “The majority of employers … Continue reading

Mapping the Mind

Back in January I ran a competition to celebrate the 1st anniversary of this blog. Nominated by Ian Pettigrew (@KingfisherCoach) the lucky winner Bev Holden (@stickythinker) won a ticket to the EMCC UK 1 day Symposium “Mapping the Mind“.  Bev has written a superb guest blog post about her experience – I hope you enjoy … Continue reading