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Hey Coaches, please don’t over complicate coaching!

  Coaching is a wonderful way of supporting others. It’s meant to be an impactful and rewarding experience. I’ve seen many articles, chapters and papers giving their own specific descriptions of what coaching is. There often seems to be a tendency to over explain or over complicate, especially on process and method rather than impact. … Continue reading

For Coaching & Mentoring

Some years ago a fellow coach and mentor shared a piece of very simple wisdom that has stuck with me ever since. Very simply they offered the nuance between standing for coaching and mentoring as opposed to standing for coaches and mentors. It’s a very subtle and simple difference at first sight. One supports a … Continue reading

The music of thought and the silence of understanding.

​ Coaching is the music of thought and the silence of understanding. In that duet we discover anew appreciation, challenge and perspective. However, to be truly transformative, we must let the music and silence move us to action. We must let the appreciation, challenge and perspective play into new and different narratives. Only then will … Continue reading

Coaching Chats #ICWbites #ICW2016

A short series of bitesize Twitter chats to celebrate International Coaching Week . #ICWbites Continue reading

Buried Treasure

X marks the spot… or so you think. The map took you to this place but you have to go further. Destination X may seem like the goal but it’s not. Only in two dimensions was it ever. If you want the buried treasure you will have to go deeper. You will have to explore another, … Continue reading

We all deserve to be heard

I believe we all deserve to be heard, especially by ourselves. You know, that moment when you speak something and realise… …just how fundamentally important that statement is to you; or …just how wrong you’ve been about the thinking you’ve been holding tight; or …just what that feeling you’ve been carrying with you is all … Continue reading

Beyond the “coaching silence”

In coach training you’re made very aware of the impact and value of silence. In fact I wrote a little about what this feels like as a practitioner earlier this year here in “The Silent Performance“. Recent events and experiences make me want to add to that earlier writing. When we find ourselves in coaching and … Continue reading

Do you really want a “Coaching Culture”?

Coaching is an important developmental skill. Coaching relationships can be incredibly powerful ways to support people in their development both inside and outside the workplace. Much contemporary thinking indicates it should a cornerstone of leadership in all organisations. I don’t disagree. Organisational context and need is critical but there is huge value to be gained from developing coaching … Continue reading

Rapport and chemistry in Coaching?

I’ve been thinking about just how much of a focus there really should be on building rapport and chemistry in a coaching relationship… There’s no denying that it’s nice to have rapport and to feel that there is good chemistry. Often coaches and coachees will point to this as part of what they value in the … Continue reading

Beyond Coaching

Coaching is the art & science of facilitating the performance, learning and development of ourselves and others. Many people & organisations are still getting to grips with what that looks like, how it can be done well and what needs to be created to allow such coaching to take place. Those who have found their … Continue reading