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We have moved!

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to move from Blogger to this new WordPress site! The old blog at http://peopleperformancepotential.blogspot.co.uk will remain in place but will no longer be updated. All of the old posts and comments have been migrated over apart the the very last post Celebrations, Winners & the Closing Ceremony. I hope you … Continue reading

It is ALL about the client

Our second guest post in the series on “Positive Practices in Coaching & Mentoring” is brought to you by Ian Pettigrew (@KingfisherCoach) who runs Kingfisher Coaching with a mission to help people, teams, and organisations to deliver on their potential. I love the way that the message here is applicable beyond the world of coaching … Continue reading

Something Special

If you look to the right of your screen you’ll see what you’ve done for the past 500 or so days… found it? That’s it… you’ve read this blog over 10,000 times! You probably didn’t realise but in doing so you’ve done something quite special for me. This 80th blog post explains…  Your reading I … Continue reading

You did it! Right?

Great weekend?  Fabulous!  Last week was busy wasn’t it & I’m sure this week will be too. You read Friday’s post here didn’t you?  Great! So you had that phone call… You emailed some folk to arrange to talk… You committed those fantastic plans to paper and shared them… Yes?  Great!  How did it feel? Oh … Continue reading

Will it go ’round in circles?

It’s the end of the week and we’ve all been very busy. Lots of talking. Lots of thinking. Lots of inspiration. It’s OK.  It’s Friday and the weekend is coming to rest our weary minds. But there’s the problem… as a salve the weekend can’t help but take away some of the energy you have … Continue reading

The Pseudo-Intellectual Blog-Bomb of Ignorance

Do you know what really bugs me?  Bloggers who don’t participate in the debate or discussion they started. It’s like they’ve lobbed a pseudo-intellectual blog-bomb into the ether then scurry away to hide in their blog-bunker.  Jumping onto the zeitgeist bandwagon the sycophantic plebeians of social media swarm around their blog like it was the … Continue reading

Commit! I dare you…

Do you know what drives change?  Commitment.  Nothing else.  It’s the basis for our relationships.  It’s how we hold ourselves accountable.  It’s how change comes about.  Commitments that are explicit, visible and enduring drive the greatest sustainable change.  Commitment is also how change fails… When your commitments are hollow, unrealistic or absent. When your commitment … Continue reading


I wrote a blog that I’m particularly proud of.  It was from the heart.  It was in response to prejudice & ignorance.  I had hoped it might educate. I think the people who know me professionally would have appreciated it.  Those who know me personally would have seen me & my life in all of … Continue reading