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#SharingReading – What’s been your article of the week?

Throughout 2015, every Friday as an end of week inquiry, a curiosity if you like, I tweeted the question “What’s been your article / paper of the week?“. I had no expectation of a response or  even a conversation – it was just a question I put out there. Some people found it a useful prompt and … Continue reading

Great Conversations

I think we could do a lot more great conversations on & off Social Media platforms don’t you? Continue reading

Where are the camp fires & cave paintings?

Where now is that connection across the bright flames? The rituals of feeding in the firewood. Of stoking embers. Our faces towards each other. The dark behind us. The firmament overhead. That shared endeavour to sustain our bodies, together. Those smokey traces left in the morning air remembering our last connection together. Where are the camp … Continue reading

Serendipity Rules

So it’s the 26th November and we’re running a 3rd L&D Connect Unconference.  It feels like it’s been a difficult journey getting this community event ready, especially the marketing/promotion…  Who will come?  How do we best reach those who would be interested?  Will we have the numbers to pay for the venue?  My own fear … Continue reading

Four HR Directors enter a pub…

Four HR Directors enter a pub. The first HRD says… “Do you know what, I’ve come to realise that my HR function is ineffective. In fact I couldn”t even tell you what our purpose and values are. What should I do?“ The second HRD says… “I think my HR function is effective and we’ve defined our … Continue reading

Learning Dialogue

It doesn’t seem like it’s only 1 week ago that we were kicking off the 2nd L&D Connect Unconference (#ldcu)… If you missed it there’s a Storify you can read and my good friend Sukh Pabial (@sukhpabial) wrote a pretty comprehensive piece here with links to other post-LDCU blogs. For reference, I wrote the post … Continue reading

Time to move on from lurking

I’m always curious about folk who are plugged into Social Media and passively watch without visibly engaging or contributing. It’s been referred to as “lurking” and I laid out some thoughts a year ago on a post called “Watch out there’s a Lurker about!”. In hindsight, the post was probably more about lack of community … Continue reading


We like lists don’t we… they help us remember the shopping… they help with gift ideas for Christmas or birthdays… they help remember the things we need to do. Great for the inanimate but it just doesn’t sound like a wholesome place to put a human being does it?  Outside of technology platforms, does anyone … Continue reading

Social Media vs. Local Communities

Here’s a question I’ve been pondering… Is the rise in Social Media a reaction to an increasing need for non-local networks/communities driven by our work & interests? Quite possibly… sounds plausible… If that’s the case then it implies that many Social Media adopters have a need for non-local network/communities.  That is to say networks and … Continue reading

A Social Learning Masterclass

Today I was at the Positive Psychology in Application event (#PPIA) run by Sukh Pabial. Sukh has already shared very generously lots of information on Positive Psychology on his blog so I won’t try to write about the subject matter as such.  Do look out for blogs from #PPIA especially from the event bloggers @martincouzins & @mervyndinnen. Instead, let me share … Continue reading