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Honouring others

My whole family are big fans of of the TV series “Parks and Recreation“. So much so in fact that we’ve delayed watching the final episodes of the last ever season until this week. We just didn’t want it to end… I don’t want give details (spoilers) but the series ending is a beautifully crafted … Continue reading

Doing the right thing by them

Tony Jackson recently wrote here inviting people to share (blog) about their bravest moments in facilitation and other learning & development (or HR) interventions. It’s an important facet of my work and I want to encourage others to do the right thing. If that means facing into your fear or the perceived fear of others then that will often … Continue reading

Feedback would happen all of the time if… we doggedly pursue a false path

This post was crafted in response to the blog carnival being hosted by Helen Amery. You can read more about it here or by checking out #FeedbackCarnival on Twitter. Feedback would happen all of the time if… we doggedly pursue a false path I get a bit sparked about discussions on feedback. Not because what … Continue reading

The Silent Performance

I’m sat across from my client and the silence is waiting. We begin and the client speaks, settling in and starting to share what is important to them; what is important right here, right now. The silence is waiting for me to perform. The client stops speaking and listens; their own words and thoughts echoing, changing, moving. … Continue reading

I’m special as myself

This is a very special blog post for me for a number of reasons… It’s not written by me but by my youngest son aged 10. He’s written it in support of #HemiplegiaAwarenessWeek which the lovely folks at @HemiHelp organise each year. Its simple message is full of both reality and appreciation. It’s the 200th post … Continue reading

We are Explorers, Discoverers and Adventurers

We like to think that we are explorers… discoverers… adventurers. We like to think that we are exploring the unknown. We like to think that what we find is novel. It is and yet often it is not. Our exploration, discovery and adventures are mostly in the realms of what we do not know ourselves. … Continue reading

My Mitten Monday

The chances are that you the reader have an interest in people, their performance and their potential. Like me, it might even be your passion – I hope it is. Even so, I’m sure that you spend time considering others, supporting them, helping where you can. Maybe not as your professional vocation. Perhaps as a parent … Continue reading

To be like you

What if you knew others wanted to be like you… What if you knew that the way you listened enhanced the quality of their thinking… What if you knew that your words helped them see more clearly… What would you do? If you knew these things, I believe you’d do more to help others. I … Continue reading

Twitter 500

So any of you who have been following my little experimentations with Twitter following might be interested in a little update… a few of you have asked & I’m long overdue – sorry. If you’ve not been following and want to read the background then I explain here & here. Any of you who have … Continue reading

The Spice Cupboard of Life

Growing up and even now in our own home, we have a cupboard full of herbs & spices. I’m sure many of you have similar culinary arrangements. However, many a time, I’ve found there’s often a disorganisation at work… humans have been busy! Bottles and jars are taken out of their place and put back … Continue reading