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I want to be better than I am

I want to be better than I am. It’s easy to forget. Busyness creates myriad focus. Attention spreads ever wider. Distortions appear. Fears & doubts creep inside. Am I worse than I think I am? Time to stop. Time to refocus. Time to listen. Time to replace those false voices. That way I remember. I want to … Continue reading

Change Balance

If you know me you probably know how passionate I am about Change Leadership. Given that so many organisations struggle to land change well, a focus on this broad multi-faceted form of leadership would seem to be well overdue. We need leaders & leaderships groups with the capability to envisage, lead and execute change in a … Continue reading

Lead to Change, Change to Lead

There’s lots I can & often do say about leadership but at its most fundamental my philosophy is that leadership creates change… We lead to change. If you aren’t creating change then you aren’t leading. It’s possibly not something you’ve thought about… and that’s OK. Just because you haven’t thought about leadership in this way … Continue reading

Ceteris paribus

All other things being equal… Perhaps a useful statement for a theoretical economic model but surely that’s where it stops… Where else do we consider the effect of some causes in isolation, by assuming that other influences are absent? Well how about those annual performance appraisals many organisations are looking at right now? When you look … Continue reading

Open Doors

Hopefully you read yesterdays post “My Mitten Monday” or perhaps earlier this year “A Story about Change Leadership“. If not then you need to know that my youngest son has mild hemiplegia. You also need to know that it’s Hemiplegia Awareness Week 2013 and it’s a great opportunity to add our support to the work being done by the charity … Continue reading

Four HR Directors enter a pub…

Four HR Directors enter a pub. The first HRD says… “Do you know what, I’ve come to realise that my HR function is ineffective. In fact I couldn”t even tell you what our purpose and values are. What should I do?“ The second HRD says… “I think my HR function is effective and we’ve defined our … Continue reading

Your Prime Purpose Is…

Have you ever thought why are you here? Not an easy question to answer and possibly because it’s framed around “why”… How about what’s your purpose in life? Big question… but I think a worthwhile journey to find your answer. I’d hate to die not appreciating what my purpose here had been… By the way, … Continue reading

Attention Dilution

I’m well used to being reminded that as a man I can’t multi-task.  I’m not wholly in agreement but if you want to argue the toss then perhaps take a read of this and this.  I’ll also see if I can’t find a friendly neuroscientist to give a more up to date view on brain … Continue reading

The Future of L&D

Last Friday, thanks to @DebbieCarter20, I was lucky enough to attend the Training Journal L&D2020 event on “The new L&D skill set – building relationships with the business”. Run by John Baker from Capita and Andy Holmes from Ernst & Young, the focus was on the changing role and skill set of L&D to meet the … Continue reading

Purposeful Fun

Have you been following the recent series of guest blogs over at Trainers Kit Bag about “The best learning experience I ever had…“? If not, do take a look, there’s some great posts and even a contribution from me! Reading through these diverse experiences I’m struck by a common theme. Purposeful fun. It’s not a … Continue reading