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Commit! I dare you…

Do you know what drives change?  Commitment.  Nothing else.  It’s the basis for our relationships.  It’s how we hold ourselves accountable.  It’s how change comes about.  Commitments that are explicit, visible and enduring drive the greatest sustainable change.  Commitment is also how change fails… When your commitments are hollow, unrealistic or absent. When your commitment … Continue reading

The one where the "Boot" was on the other foot – Part 2 "The way we think"

Last week I was invited to join a demonstration day with TrainersKitbag (@trainerskitbag) and in yesterdays blog here I talked about my reflections from the day focussing on “The Roles we Play”.  In today’s blog I’d like to share my reflections regarding Intuition. Part 2 “The way we think” I have to say that I had … Continue reading

Guide me to Success – a lesson from Essex

There’s a show on TV called “Educating Essex”.  Through 65 rigged cameras placed around a secondary school we follow the daily trials & tribulations of both children and staff.  Sounds like another trashy reality show but in fact it shows brilliantly the dynamics present in school.  As TV always does, it probably focuses on the … Continue reading

Worlds Apart

Having put it off for some time, last weekend we finally succumbed to the attraction that is Disneyland Paris. I have to confess that I can’t really be doing with large crowds and lengthy queues… life’s too short and they always seem to bring out the worst in humanity. However, it was the right time … Continue reading