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Great Conversations

I think we could do a lot more great conversations on & off Social Media platforms don’t you? Continue reading

Buried Treasure

X marks the spot… or so you think. The map took you to this place but you have to go further. Destination X may seem like the goal but it’s not. Only in two dimensions was it ever. If you want the buried treasure you will have to go deeper. You will have to explore another, … Continue reading

Where do you discuss blog posts?

You may have read my recent post “No Comment Here… Let’s Discuss Elsewhere” over on my other blog at Passle. In it I shared my thoughts about the changing dynamics I see on blog comments. For me, most of my discussion about other peoples blog posts tends to be either over on Twitter or just when I … Continue reading

Carbon Copy

How sad to think that the only remaining demonstrable vestige of a 200 year old invention to create copies of correspondence is the automaton-like persistence of the many to distribute, often unthinkingly. For the last 35 years the explosion of electronic mail has increasingly shown little regard for the purpose of using that “carbon copy” let … Continue reading

Learning Dialogue

It doesn’t seem like it’s only 1 week ago that we were kicking off the 2nd L&D Connect Unconference (#ldcu)… If you missed it there’s a Storify you can read and my good friend Sukh Pabial (@sukhpabial) wrote a pretty comprehensive piece here with links to other post-LDCU blogs. For reference, I wrote the post … Continue reading