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We all leak

I have a phrase that I use… “we all leak“. It could probably be made more elegant – sometimes it does prompt a giggle – but I use it both as recognition as well as a warning. It describes how, even when we don’t think we are, we are constantly revealing our inner selves, leaking information … Continue reading

Not feeling the love?

Sometimes we put a lot of effort into building a relationship…. Good faith.  Positive regard.  Active interest.  Support.  The outstretched hand of friendship. But sometimes it’s one way…  Wrong time.  Wrong person.  Wrong assumptions. And sometimes it’s for the wrong reason… Celebrity.  Reciprocity.  Self interest. Often we don’t know why the relationship isn’t meeting our … Continue reading

Change Resistance is not Evil!

It’s probably something you won’t often hear… yet there is such focus in organisations on how to overcome change resistance as though it was indeed some form of evil.  That’s the view of those who don’t understand change. Change resistance is useful.  Change resistance is what stops us from supporting actions that we perceive as … Continue reading

Always there…

I can’t imagine losing either of my children. It’s perhaps a deep seated fear in all of us but it’s something I just can’t contemplate. Whether you have children or not I’m sure you know what I mean. My children have been poorly – we nearly lost our youngest in childbirth – but there have … Continue reading


Some things make you react. @naturalgrump recently wrote about this here. Before you read any further please do take a read through his post above as it’s very relevant for what comes next! A Twitter Reaction This morning’s twitter stream soon filled with the CIPD 2011 Social Media conference.  I’d forgotten exactly what was on the agenda … Continue reading

Great! Now I have guilt!

This time 8 years ago we came on holiday to Norfolk with our then 2 year son.  The holiday was wonderful but one of our biggest & fondest memories was going to Roys of Wroxham and buying him Buzz Lightyear & Woody toys.  Over the years, as in the stories, they’ve been loved & played … Continue reading

A Thorny Issue

  I’ve become a big fan of blogs.  Anyone who visits here will know how often I blog, how I do it and what I talk about.  I also enjoy reading other peoples blogs and when possible I like share my comments on what the author has made me think about.   Yet I’m struck … Continue reading