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Honouring others

My whole family are big fans of of the TV series “Parks and Recreation“. So much so in fact that we’ve delayed watching the final episodes of the last ever season until this week. We just didn’t want it to end… I don’t want give details (spoilers) but the series ending is a beautifully crafted … Continue reading

Give up on what you stand for?

Give up on the process. Sometimes abandonment is truly a better and more effective process. Give up on the approach. If it’s taking you to the wrong place then it’s not what you need anyway. Give up on the barricaded doors. People shut doors for a reason. They barricade themselves behind doors for even deeper … Continue reading

The power of a well-chosen image; EEG measures of brain activity and exercise

Originally posted on NeuroBollocks:
This picture: …occasionally does the rounds on Twitter, often spurred by tweets from the kind of evidence-phobic accounts that publish whole lists of mind-blowing ‘facts’, at least 50% of which are made up. This picture has also spurred about a billion blog posts (like here, here and here), somewhat unsurprisingly, written…

Originally posted on Leading in Context:
By Linda Fisher Thornton “Ethics” Means Acting Beyond Self-Interest Ethics is fundamentally about acting beyond our own self-interests. Can we be ethical without considering others and acting in ways that benefit them? Here are some interesting questions and quotes on the subject. As you read, think about the business leader’s…

Vote for me?

It’s great to be nominated for an award. In itself it’s often a great achievement, let alone actually winning one. Once nominated though, it’s often the case that people like you & me get a chance to vote for that winner.  All fair enough but what if you’ve never seen a nominees work or performance?  … Continue reading

Who complains about Professional Conduct?

Earlier this week I picked up on a few tweets about the @CIPD revised Code of Conduct. There’s also a good article (& comment) over on People Management. You may have seen some of the exchanges on Twitter between myself and @FlipChartRick, @MJCarty and @RobertBlevin. For a mini case study touching on the subject you … Continue reading

The sound of someone not looking in the mirror

Did you hear about the Goldman Sachs ex-employee Greg Smith?  If you didn’t then you obviously weren’t on Twitter or the newsfeeds yesterday… It’s funny how a sensationalist story of bad behaviours in part of a global banking institution can overwhelm the newsfeeds.  To the extent that in all this hulabaloo many probably missed that … Continue reading


Perusing the “Activity” function last night on Twitter, I noticed that someone I was following had just followed what is best described as a porn tweet account.  I didn’t even know they existed! Anyway, I don’t know this person but I’m interested in their business.  They are the founder/CEO of a major people change organisation … Continue reading

It’s a Wonderful Life

By National Telefilm Associates (Screenshot of the movie) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Each Christmas Eve we watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Wonderfully sentimental & full of humanity, it’s a classic film and seems to be a great reflective way to start Christmas and be appreciative for what we have. The other morning, there was … Continue reading


As a parent, you help your children understand the boundaries and social norms that you believe are appropriate.  Family & friends help reinforce these views.  Our children will inevitably be exposed to behaviours which we don’t favour but it is all part of the learning process. To have a boundary you need to know what is on … Continue reading