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Leaders: Are you getting the most from Social Media?

My Passle post explores the question of if and how leaders are reviewing what they are doing (or could be doing) on social media. Continue reading

Feedback is not a gift

Unsurprisingly, I’m a big advocate of feedback. The perspectives of others, especially from those that truly care, adds something to our understanding that we just can not add ourselves. There is indeed something giving in feedback which is possibly why feedback is often described as a gift. But… … I’ve yet to hear a contributor … Continue reading

Feedback would happen all of the time if… we doggedly pursue a false path

This post was crafted in response to the blog carnival being hosted by Helen Amery. You can read more about it here or by checking out #FeedbackCarnival on Twitter. Feedback would happen all of the time if… we doggedly pursue a false path I get a bit sparked about discussions on feedback. Not because what … Continue reading

Something Special

If you look to the right of your screen you’ll see what you’ve done for the past 500 or so days… found it? That’s it… you’ve read this blog over 10,000 times! You probably didn’t realise but in doing so you’ve done something quite special for me. This 80th blog post explains…  Your reading I … Continue reading

Vote for me?

It’s great to be nominated for an award. In itself it’s often a great achievement, let alone actually winning one. Once nominated though, it’s often the case that people like you & me get a chance to vote for that winner.  All fair enough but what if you’ve never seen a nominees work or performance?  … Continue reading

Appreciation of Authenticity

Twice this week I’ve been bowled over by messages of appreciation.  Neither occasion was it expected.  I hadn’t tried to please or garner such feedback.  In fact I’d not even been sure that I was right. However, I had trusted my own intuition, thoughts and experiences and had spoken from the heart.  I had just … Continue reading