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Welcome to the family?

So after all the effort, interviewing & wooing of the recruitment process we find that person who’s going to join the team. The chances are they are going to make a difference. The chances are you’ve agreed this mutual cooperation because you both believe in each other. It should be like that shouldn’t it? The … Continue reading

Four HR Directors enter a pub…

Four HR Directors enter a pub. The first HRD says… “Do you know what, I’ve come to realise that my HR function is ineffective. In fact I couldn”t even tell you what our purpose and values are. What should I do?“ The second HRD says… “I think my HR function is effective and we’ve defined our … Continue reading

Does your HR make a Sis-Boom-Bah?

It’s fireworks night and all around the skies are starting to fill with the whizz & crackle of tonight’s celebrations here in the UK.  OK, lots of the major displays have been going on all weekend for convenience sakes but tonight is the night. Later this week Doug Shaw is hosting The Carnival of HR … Continue reading

HR is a boy named Sue

I’m sure you’ve heard of Johnny Cash.  Like me the chances are you’re not a huge country & western fan but I  do love the story telling that comes across in his songs – it’s always a bit of magic.  A great example of this is “A Boy Named Sue“. If you don’t know the tale, … Continue reading


We like lists don’t we… they help us remember the shopping… they help with gift ideas for Christmas or birthdays… they help remember the things we need to do. Great for the inanimate but it just doesn’t sound like a wholesome place to put a human being does it?  Outside of technology platforms, does anyone … Continue reading

Follow your senses

Have you ever noticed how in organisations potential is seen as something you achieve or don’t?  Perhaps it’s connected to the use of sports analogies in the workplace or the dogged focus on talent through the monocle of leadership succession… Anyhow, there seems to be this portrayal as potential being something to achieve.  An ambition … Continue reading

HR or Resourceful Humans?

Employee Relations, Personnel, Human Resources, Human Capital Management? All names that will provoke or evoke… Perhaps we could change to the latest zeitgeist… do we have SoMeHR yet? I’m sure there’ll be some nice, lucrative gigs on the speaking and book writing circuits… Yet there’ll still be fans & critics as there has been for … Continue reading

The Future of L&D

Last Friday, thanks to @DebbieCarter20, I was lucky enough to attend the Training Journal L&D2020 event on “The new L&D skill set – building relationships with the business”. Run by John Baker from Capita and Andy Holmes from Ernst & Young, the focus was on the changing role and skill set of L&D to meet the … Continue reading

Beecroft – Who is Under Performing?

OK there’s a lot being written about the Beecroft Report at the moment and I’ve hesitated to write anything at all. However, there’s an important aspect to this story which just doesn’t seem to be coming out loudly. Who is underperforming?  Current perspective  The Telegraph’s story yesterday included a headline saying :  “The majority of employers … Continue reading

HR – Saviour of the Universe

It feels like nearly every week I see a blog post, discussion or tweet about how HR are going to be the saviours of the working world… how HR will revolutionise & humanise the workplace… how HR are going to save the universe… Similarly, there’s a constant stream of conversation about HR becoming more strategic … Continue reading