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Slightly Awkward

Even the word awkward is slightly awkward, don’t you think? There’s surely a word for that linguistic characteristic… Perhaps that’s why we don’t want to be awkward? Why we don’t want others to feel awkward. Why we want to put others at their ease. Why we want them to feel comfortable. Perhaps… Yet I want … Continue reading


For a while I was curious about what tools such as Klout and Peerindex could provide. It seemed an interesting way to understand your presence on Social Media. No that’s wrong…  That’s what I told myself… In fact I followed the crowd. I wanted to increase my scores. I wanted to become more influential. Those … Continue reading

Originally posted on Leading in Context:
By Linda Fisher Thornton “Ethics” Means Acting Beyond Self-Interest Ethics is fundamentally about acting beyond our own self-interests. Can we be ethical without considering others and acting in ways that benefit them? Here are some interesting questions and quotes on the subject. As you read, think about the business leader’s…

My word is my bond

So what’s your reputation?  The chances are that as you think about that question you try to see yourself through the eyes of others… your clients, your peers, colleagues, community, possibly even friends and family. So let’s say you have a great reputation as an HR Blogger.  Perhaps it’s your job… The chances are that … Continue reading

Who do psychometric tools really serve?

If you’re reading this you either have accreditation/qualification to use psychometric tools or you don’t. If you do then the chances are that you’ve chosen tools that appeal to you philosophically &/or for their application.  You may believe in their efficacy; their appropriateness for your purpose; their recognition in the market.  Perhaps their uniqueness or … Continue reading

Beecroft – Who is Under Performing?

OK there’s a lot being written about the Beecroft Report at the moment and I’ve hesitated to write anything at all. However, there’s an important aspect to this story which just doesn’t seem to be coming out loudly. Who is underperforming?  Current perspective  The Telegraph’s story yesterday included a headline saying :  “The majority of employers … Continue reading

HR – Saviour of the Universe

It feels like nearly every week I see a blog post, discussion or tweet about how HR are going to be the saviours of the working world… how HR will revolutionise & humanise the workplace… how HR are going to save the universe… Similarly, there’s a constant stream of conversation about HR becoming more strategic … Continue reading

The Pseudo-Intellectual Blog-Bomb of Ignorance

Do you know what really bugs me?  Bloggers who don’t participate in the debate or discussion they started. It’s like they’ve lobbed a pseudo-intellectual blog-bomb into the ether then scurry away to hide in their blog-bunker.  Jumping onto the zeitgeist bandwagon the sycophantic plebeians of social media swarm around their blog like it was the … Continue reading

The sound of someone not looking in the mirror

Did you hear about the Goldman Sachs ex-employee Greg Smith?  If you didn’t then you obviously weren’t on Twitter or the newsfeeds yesterday… It’s funny how a sensationalist story of bad behaviours in part of a global banking institution can overwhelm the newsfeeds.  To the extent that in all this hulabaloo many probably missed that … Continue reading


Perusing the “Activity” function last night on Twitter, I noticed that someone I was following had just followed what is best described as a porn tweet account.  I didn’t even know they existed! Anyway, I don’t know this person but I’m interested in their business.  They are the founder/CEO of a major people change organisation … Continue reading