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Follow your senses

Have you ever noticed how in organisations potential is seen as something you achieve or don’t?  Perhaps it’s connected to the use of sports analogies in the workplace or the dogged focus on talent through the monocle of leadership succession… Anyhow, there seems to be this portrayal as potential being something to achieve.  An ambition … Continue reading

Vote for me?

It’s great to be nominated for an award. In itself it’s often a great achievement, let alone actually winning one. Once nominated though, it’s often the case that people like you & me get a chance to vote for that winner.  All fair enough but what if you’ve never seen a nominees work or performance?  … Continue reading

The one where the "Boot" was on the other foot – Part 2 "The way we think"

Last week I was invited to join a demonstration day with TrainersKitbag (@trainerskitbag) and in yesterdays blog here I talked about my reflections from the day focussing on “The Roles we Play”.  In today’s blog I’d like to share my reflections regarding Intuition. Part 2 “The way we think” I have to say that I had … Continue reading