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Where is L&D when it comes to organisational performance?

I’ve recently noticed L&D starting to talk about performance on social media. Not a lot but it’s there in language such as “performance support“. Yet when I think about the latest HR zeitgeist of eradicating performance appraisals – fundamentally about learning and development – I really struggle to think of anyone in the L&D space … Continue reading

Want more bang for your L&D buck?

Most organisations want to get real value from the learning and development opportunities they create or commission. Making as much of that investment go as far as possible isn’t being tight fisted, it’s very good commercial sense. It’s what we should all want. However, you don’t shrink your way to greatness so squeezing pricing isn’t … Continue reading

Context in Exploration

There was an interesting #LDInsight chat last Friday asking the question: “What is really required to learn a new skill /change behaviour?”. I still have mixed feelings about whether anyone working in the field called Learning and Development should be able to give a robust answer to this… …On the one hand, if you don’t know … Continue reading