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Give up on what you stand for?

Give up on the process. Sometimes abandonment is truly a better and more effective process. Give up on the approach. If it’s taking you to the wrong place then it’s not what you need anyway. Give up on the barricaded doors. People shut doors for a reason. They barricade themselves behind doors for even deeper … Continue reading

Leadership Development for Leadership Teams

With all the focus on the development of individual leaders, it seems that so much of what matters in organisations gets missed from many Leadership Development programmes. That is working well together as a team. Sure there may be something about Belbin or a team activity welded into a Leadership Development programme but it’s often … Continue reading

Spaceship cleaners & really useless narratives

Twice yesterday I heard that apparently inspirational tale of the janitor at NASA who told Kennedy he was “helping to put a man on the Moon”. The more I hear it the less I believe it. In fact I think there’s something a little deceitful about the narrative if not just plain useless. I had quite a … Continue reading

Brilliantly Flawed

Much leadership development work, talk and rhetoric seems to focus on apparent models of excellence. Such “excellence” may be the zeitgeist, cultural expectations, truly evidence based or just philosophically attractive. Even when the focus is on understanding self and impact, there is a tendency to focus on strengths and perhaps mitigate unproductive behaviours. At its best, … Continue reading

Doing the right thing by them

Tony Jackson recently wrote here inviting people to share (blog) about their bravest moments in facilitation and other learning & development (or HR) interventions. It’s an important facet of my work and I want to encourage others to do the right thing. If that means facing into your fear or the perceived fear of others then that will often … Continue reading

Nurtured Development

Yesterday morning, Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour broadcast an interesting piece on the issue of when is it OK to leave your children alone at home. You can hear it here towards the beginning of the broadcast with Sarah Crown (Mumsnet Editor) & John Cameron (Head of Childline from the NSPCC). It’s a topic my wife & I … Continue reading

Coaching Nirvana

I sense that there has often been an almost singular imagining of what coaching should be in organisations. It’s held up as though it’s a physical place that we can all journey to. An end state. When we arrive at that place we will each find the same thing. It will be wonderful. In that … Continue reading

Developing Talent to Lead the Future

There’s a difference between the capabilities that we need to drive change and the attitudes that we need to develop for our future organisations. The former is deeply human. Insights from neuroscience are better helping us understand what leadership capabilities make the difference to leading change with other humans. The latter is deeply cultural. Research … Continue reading

Purposeful Leadership

Purposeful Leadership #CIPDLDShow Continue reading

How do you shape up as “Manager as Coach” ?

Coaching is now very much an essential skill set for all leader-managers. Although it can help hugely, you don’t necessarily need to have a qualification, certificate or formal training to use your coaching skills. However, you do need both an understanding of what it means to coach others and the intent to use that skill … Continue reading