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#SharingReading – What’s been your article of the week?

Throughout 2015, every Friday as an end of week inquiry, a curiosity if you like, I tweeted the question “What’s been your article / paper of the week?“. I had no expectation of a response or  even a conversation – it was just a question I put out there. Some people found it a useful prompt and … Continue reading

David Goddin’s PLN

How do you create a Personal Learning Network? Continue reading

Great Conversations

I think we could do a lot more great conversations on & off Social Media platforms don’t you? Continue reading

Where life really lives

On and off since I was a child I’ve enjoyed fishing. A gift from my father. It’s not something that I’ve ever done regularly (or expertly) and I’ve never endured the extremes of discomfort that some do. What I’ve always enjoyed about fishing is the sense of adventure with the application of a little skill … Continue reading

Wasn’t it always so?

I get it. Finally. I’ve known for some time that it’s the case with LinkedIn. Too many agendas. Not enough care. Lots of paper thin. I see the game. It hasn’t changed. It’s just got busier. The players have got better at playing the game. I’ve not seen a demonstrable shift in quality. But I’ve … Continue reading

Baselines, Deeper Metrics & Useful Comparisons

What does it say? I’m not quite sure but it’s making me think a little deeper. That’s what I think good and useful metrics do. Continue reading

Unintentionally pointless

I’ve been having a bit of a clear out both IRL and even more so on social media… Continue reading

Context in Exploration

There was an interesting #LDInsight chat last Friday asking the question: “What is really required to learn a new skill /change behaviour?”. I still have mixed feelings about whether anyone working in the field called Learning and Development should be able to give a robust answer to this… …On the one hand, if you don’t know … Continue reading

L&D – “free-ride” or a partner in the journey?

People can’t help but learn from their experiences. It’s impossible not to learn from them. However, what people learn from their experiences is largely within their own control. How they apply their learning is largely their choice. So I wonder could L&D be getting a “free ride” in thinking that… …the analysis of “needs” is … Continue reading

Blogsquadding and Questioning

CIPD L&D Show 2015 #CIPDLDSHOW Like many others, I’m London bound to get ready for the CIPD’s annual L&D show at Olympia. A veritable smorgasborg of speaker sessions, workshops, taster sessions and of course exhibitors awaits the thousands who will descend there over the next couple of days. The lovely folks at CIPD have asked some … Continue reading