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Fractal Learning & Development

Last Friday, there was a great #LDInsight twitter chat posing the question “What is L&D?“. If you missed it, all of the conversations can be read here. From a diverse range of professionals came a diverse range of perspectives providing insight into what L&D means to them. That’s what I love about the #LDInsight every Friday morning … Continue reading

Whose OD is it anyway?

Take a look at the organisation you are in or the organisations that you work with. Who in the organisation should have or has the responsibility to… Increase trust between people, teams & groups Increase levels of satisfaction & commitment between people, teams & groups Confront problems rather than neglect them Effectively manage conflict Increase … Continue reading

Slightly Awkward

Even the word awkward is slightly awkward, don’t you think? There’s surely a word for that linguistic characteristic… Perhaps that’s why we don’t want to be awkward? Why we don’t want others to feel awkward. Why we want to put others at their ease. Why we want them to feel comfortable. Perhaps… Yet I want … Continue reading

The Learning Facilitators Charter

We will endeavour to facilitate the best learning experience, appropriate for your needs. If at any point this endeavour fails to meet your expectations or satisfaction then we will confront this deficiency, together, as it happens. We will make every effort to avoid raising failure or deficiency after the event when there is nothing we … Continue reading

How to create a moon portal (or Standing on the Shoulders of Giants)

My youngest son (9 years old) consumes more content from YouTube than he watches TV. We’ve not encouraged or discouraged this, it’s just the best way for him to get the content that he’s most interested in. Back in the summer, I agreed to help him make a “one off” video wiki for Minecraft fans … Continue reading

Serendipity Rules

So it’s the 26th November and we’re running a 3rd L&D Connect Unconference.  It feels like it’s been a difficult journey getting this community event ready, especially the marketing/promotion…  Who will come?  How do we best reach those who would be interested?  Will we have the numbers to pay for the venue?  My own fear … Continue reading

Welcome to the family?

So after all the effort, interviewing & wooing of the recruitment process we find that person who’s going to join the team. The chances are they are going to make a difference. The chances are you’ve agreed this mutual cooperation because you both believe in each other. It should be like that shouldn’t it? The … Continue reading

Could be better?

It’s a great day outside – the cool, early start of late summer with the guarantee of another hot day. Inside the kids are euphoric. It’s the first day of school and the kids are bouncing around the house excited. Looking forward to new challenges… Spending time hanging out with their friends… The recognition another year … Continue reading

Four HR Directors enter a pub…

Four HR Directors enter a pub. The first HRD says… “Do you know what, I’ve come to realise that my HR function is ineffective. In fact I couldn”t even tell you what our purpose and values are. What should I do?“ The second HRD says… “I think my HR function is effective and we’ve defined our … Continue reading

The Future of Coaching by David Goddin

This week is ICF’s International Coaching Week and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate & discuss coaching. So, each day this week I’ve been hosting blogs from a variety of authors exploring various aspects of coaching. You can see them all in one place here. To close the week of blogging it seems appropriate that the theme for … Continue reading