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I want to be better than I am

I want to be better than I am. It’s easy to forget. Busyness creates myriad focus. Attention spreads ever wider. Distortions appear. Fears & doubts creep inside. Am I worse than I think I am? Time to stop. Time to refocus. Time to listen. Time to replace those false voices. That way I remember. I want to … Continue reading

How to create a moon portal (or Standing on the Shoulders of Giants)

My youngest son (9 years old) consumes more content from YouTube than he watches TV. We’ve not encouraged or discouraged this, it’s just the best way for him to get the content that he’s most interested in. Back in the summer, I agreed to help him make a “one off” video wiki for Minecraft fans … Continue reading

Keep on dreaming

The joy of being a parent is the wonderment that your children provide. There’s nothing quite as special as when they touch you with their own unique and incisive view on the world; when they teach you what it is to be human. My son Eoin wrote this piece below which has now been published … Continue reading

The Spice Cupboard of Life

Growing up and even now in our own home, we have a cupboard full of herbs & spices. I’m sure many of you have similar culinary arrangements. However, many a time, I’ve found there’s often a disorganisation at work… humans have been busy! Bottles and jars are taken out of their place and put back … Continue reading

A little story for Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year and the year of the snake. I have to confess that my awareness of Chinese New Year was pretty low until the children studied it at school.  That New Year phrase “Kung Hei Fat Choi” (wishing you prosperity?) was what they brought back from school, along with banners & lanterns … Continue reading

Not feeling the love?

Sometimes we put a lot of effort into building a relationship…. Good faith.  Positive regard.  Active interest.  Support.  The outstretched hand of friendship. But sometimes it’s one way…  Wrong time.  Wrong person.  Wrong assumptions. And sometimes it’s for the wrong reason… Celebrity.  Reciprocity.  Self interest. Often we don’t know why the relationship isn’t meeting our … Continue reading

Your Prime Purpose Is…

Have you ever thought why are you here? Not an easy question to answer and possibly because it’s framed around “why”… How about what’s your purpose in life? Big question… but I think a worthwhile journey to find your answer. I’d hate to die not appreciating what my purpose here had been… By the way, … Continue reading

Watching over us

The phone rings and my wife dashes to answer it. I overhear her talking to someone I know is familiar to her but it’s not a friend or relative. I hear her saying “thank you” as the tears and crying come. As I rush to find her in the kitchen she finishes the call and … Continue reading

Always there…

I can’t imagine losing either of my children. It’s perhaps a deep seated fear in all of us but it’s something I just can’t contemplate. Whether you have children or not I’m sure you know what I mean. My children have been poorly – we nearly lost our youngest in childbirth – but there have … Continue reading


Did you know that … Fifteen is the smallest natural number with seven letters in its name. 15 is the atomic number of phosphorus. In Judaism various celebrations start on the 15th day of the month. There are 15 players in a team in Rugby Union & major Gaelic games. There are 15 days in … Continue reading