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I don’t usually walk the dog in the evenings but it had been a frantic Monday afternoon and we both needed to get out.  The town was quiet and we walked down past the Abbey to the river.  Across the railway line, three teenagers were hanging out on the old platform – the only life … Continue reading

Florence Thompson – A story in a story

I recently bought a second hand copy of “The Arabian Nights” which is full of magical stories.  I remember reading it as a child and I wanted to both re-read and share its magic with my two sons.  The copy I bought is a 1923 hardback with fantastic illustrations scattered throughout.  In the front cover … Continue reading

I want to live in Wales

Actually, what I’m really saying is that I want to live in Gower, in South Wales.  I wasn’t born there or even near the sea for that matter.  Where I live we do sometimes make the 45 min drive to the beach with the boys but it’s not the same. You see we’ve just spent … Continue reading