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I don’t usually walk the dog in the evenings but it had been a frantic Monday afternoon and we both needed to get out.  The town was quiet and we walked down past the Abbey to the river.  Across the railway line, three teenagers were hanging out on the old platform – the only life … Continue reading

Being Human

Reflex Praise A recent blog from Doug Shaw on Employee Recognition talked about the importance of immediacy and authenticity in recognising achievements at work. I think that at the heart of employee recognition is a true appreciation of the individual and a need for reflex praise from the organisation.  Reflex praise is akin to the praise and feedback that we all received as … Continue reading

Prepare to Stretch Yourself!

Learning requires us to experience what we do not already comprehend. In the workplace, we naturally learn in small increments as we fulfil our roles. However, to create a shift in learning and ability often requires us to stretch our known skills into the unknown. Taking on such a challenge requires support, trust, encouragement and … Continue reading

Performance Management – Changing the Continuum

Performance Management appears to be a perpetual bug-bear for many organisations that I work with.  In fact, surveys reveal that few employers are satisfied with their performance management systems.     Despite there being an agreed and understood performance management framework and a common spoken language too many organisations struggle with the performance management process. … Continue reading