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Leader of the band?

There’s a quite common analogy that compares the role of leadership to the conductor of an orchestra or a band. You’ve possibly even heard of leadership development programmes that ask senior leaders to actually conduct an orchestra. [Yes I do have a very old video of my leadership/conducting skills, and no you can’t see it … Continue reading

Is experience necessary in order to be a good coach?

So this was the question raised on Twitter last week by my friend Sukh (@sukhpabial), asking whether life experience, work experience and coaching experience all contribute to being a good coach. Sukh also asked “does experience equal credibility in being a good coach?“… a related but perhaps different question. Is experience necessary in order to … Continue reading

The Future of L&D

Last Friday, thanks to @DebbieCarter20, I was lucky enough to attend the Training Journal L&D2020 event on “The new L&D skill set – building relationships with the business”. Run by John Baker from Capita and Andy Holmes from Ernst & Young, the focus was on the changing role and skill set of L&D to meet the … Continue reading

Coaching – formalise your programme or just be brilliant at it?

Next in the series of guest blogs on “Positive Practices in Coaching & Mentoring” is Perry Timms. If you don’t know him already, Perry is Head of OD & Talent for The Big Lottery Fund, blogs here and should be followed on Twitter here. Watch out for his tweets and blogs on #PunkHR! It’s a … Continue reading

Friday Wondering – What is Coaching & Mentoring?

Each Friday I’m posting a “Friday Wondering“. These posts are meant to explore & discuss observations or issues which I think would benefit from discussion. Participation is open to absolutely anyone regardless of their expertise or knowledge. Just bring your curiosity! If you’d like to discuss on Twitter rather than here then why not. It … Continue reading

A Model for the Weekend!

I’ve been thinking about the relationship between competence, expertise & mastery which has recently been renewed by a blog post from @naturalgrump here. What I’ve noticed is that much of the time our expertise comes out subconsciously but when this happens there is a confidence to our actions that is recognised by others if not … Continue reading

The one where the "Boot" was on the other foot – Part 3 "The Way we Act"

Last week I was invited to join a demonstration day with TrainersKitbag (@trainerskitbag) and in yesterdays blog hereI talked about my reflections from the day focussing on “The Way we Think”.  In today’s blog I’d like to share my reflections on how we act. By Herzog Hans, Pfalzgraf, Graf zu Spanheim, via Wikimedia Commons* Part 3 … Continue reading

Where now Michelangelo?

At the recent EMCC conference, John Campbell from Primeast spoke about the journey “From Competence to Mastery”.  The analogy he used for mastery was the craftsman working a piece of wood or Michelangelo who “saw an angel in the stone and carved to set it free”. In his supporting paper, co-authored with John Holt & … Continue reading

Executive Coaches are Different

I read a blog this week which talked about what to look for in an Executive Coach.  Many buyers and potential recipients of coaching are ignorant of what to look in an Executive Coach let alone what best practice looks like, so I do welcome such efforts. The blog provided a good introduction and covered … Continue reading