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The NeuroBusiness 2015 Conference

Originally posted on NeuroBollocks:
Last week there was a conference in Manchester titled NeuroBusiness 2015,  billed as the ‘first of its kind in the UK’. Actually the ‘neuroleadership‘ guys have been doing similar stuff for ages. They have some serious conceptual issues, and there’s also an excellent piece on TheConversation.com about neuro-quackery in business and education. NeuroBusiness 2015…

The power of a well-chosen image; EEG measures of brain activity and exercise

Originally posted on NeuroBollocks:
This picture: …occasionally does the rounds on Twitter, often spurred by tweets from the kind of evidence-phobic accounts that publish whole lists of mind-blowing ‘facts’, at least 50% of which are made up. This picture has also spurred about a billion blog posts (like here, here and here), somewhat unsurprisingly, written…

Attention Dilution

I’m well used to being reminded that as a man I can’t multi-task.  I’m not wholly in agreement but if you want to argue the toss then perhaps take a read of this and this.  I’ll also see if I can’t find a friendly neuroscientist to give a more up to date view on brain … Continue reading

Mapping the Mind

Back in January I ran a competition to celebrate the 1st anniversary of this blog. Nominated by Ian Pettigrew (@KingfisherCoach) the lucky winner Bev Holden (@stickythinker) won a ticket to the EMCC UK 1 day Symposium “Mapping the Mind“.  Bev has written a superb guest blog post about her experience – I hope you enjoy … Continue reading

The one where the "Boot" was on the other foot – Part 2 "The way we think"

Last week I was invited to join a demonstration day with TrainersKitbag (@trainerskitbag) and in yesterdays blog here I talked about my reflections from the day focussing on “The Roles we Play”.  In today’s blog I’d like to share my reflections regarding Intuition. Part 2 “The way we think” I have to say that I had … Continue reading


Tonight I attended another great talk by Marie de Guzman & Damon Newman from The Mangrove Neuroscience Consultancy.  A packed out CMI audience in central London was representative of the high interest there is in the market for understanding change at the individual level. Marie in her talk raised three observations about change which I … Continue reading