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Performance Management

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The Three Failures of Performance Appraisal

There’s something about performance appraisal that isn’t quite right. Even those teams & organisations that feel they do it well enough sense it may not be good enough… We know there is both merit & value in setting, gauging and talking about performance. We want to recognise and support performance – it’s a very good … Continue reading

Ceteris paribus

All other things being equal… Perhaps a useful statement for a theoretical economic model but surely that’s where it stops… Where else do we consider the effect of some causes in isolation, by assuming that other influences are absent? Well how about those annual performance appraisals many organisations are looking at right now? When you look … Continue reading

Performance Management – Changing the Continuum

Performance Management appears to be a perpetual bug-bear for many organisations that I work with.  In fact, surveys reveal that few employers are satisfied with their performance management systems.     Despite there being an agreed and understood performance management framework and a common spoken language too many organisations struggle with the performance management process. … Continue reading