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L&D – “free-ride” or a partner in the journey?

People can’t help but learn from their experiences. It’s impossible not to learn from them. However, what people learn from their experiences is largely within their own control. How they apply their learning is largely their choice. So I wonder could L&D be getting a “free ride” in thinking that… …the analysis of “needs” is … Continue reading

Beyond Coaching

Coaching is the art & science of facilitating the performance, learning and development of ourselves and others. Many people & organisations are still getting to grips with what that looks like, how it can be done well and what needs to be created to allow such coaching to take place. Those who have found their … Continue reading

How do you shape up as “Manager as Coach” ?

Coaching is now very much an essential skill set for all leader-managers. Although it can help hugely, you don’t necessarily need to have a qualification, certificate or formal training to use your coaching skills. However, you do need both an understanding of what it means to coach others and the intent to use that skill … Continue reading

The Silent Performance

I’m sat across from my client and the silence is waiting. We begin and the client speaks, settling in and starting to share what is important to them; what is important right here, right now. The silence is waiting for me to perform. The client stops speaking and listens; their own words and thoughts echoing, changing, moving. … Continue reading

The Three Failures of Performance Appraisal

There’s something about performance appraisal that isn’t quite right. Even those teams & organisations that feel they do it well enough sense it may not be good enough… We know there is both merit & value in setting, gauging and talking about performance. We want to recognise and support performance – it’s a very good … Continue reading

6 books that have shaped my practice

What is your philosophy and approach to the work that you do? What books have shaped your practice? Good questions to ask I think! Prompted by Jo Stephenson (@JoeyStephO) I’ve spent a few hours rummaging through the bookshelves and thinking carefully about the books that have most influenced my practice, approach and philosophy to the work … Continue reading

Change Failure?

There continues to be a myriad of “expert” articles published (mostly on the internet of course) quoting numerous statistics about change failure rates. Typically, this apparently popular narrative will state that somewhere between 50-70% of change fails. I’ve said before, I struggle to find any such statistic useful… Knowing that people & organisations can struggle to lead change … Continue reading

Ceteris paribus

All other things being equal… Perhaps a useful statement for a theoretical economic model but surely that’s where it stops… Where else do we consider the effect of some causes in isolation, by assuming that other influences are absent? Well how about those annual performance appraisals many organisations are looking at right now? When you look … Continue reading

Leader of the band?

There’s a quite common analogy that compares the role of leadership to the conductor of an orchestra or a band. You’ve possibly even heard of leadership development programmes that ask senior leaders to actually conduct an orchestra. [Yes I do have a very old video of my leadership/conducting skills, and no you can’t see it … Continue reading

Four HR Directors enter a pub…

Four HR Directors enter a pub. The first HRD says… “Do you know what, I’ve come to realise that my HR function is ineffective. In fact I couldn”t even tell you what our purpose and values are. What should I do?“ The second HRD says… “I think my HR function is effective and we’ve defined our … Continue reading