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Hey Coaches, please don’t over complicate coaching!

  Coaching is a wonderful way of supporting others. It’s meant to be an impactful and rewarding experience. I’ve seen many articles, chapters and papers giving their own specific descriptions of what coaching is. There often seems to be a tendency to over explain or over complicate, especially on process and method rather than impact. … Continue reading

For the curious observer

The sign isn’t there today. However, the coffee, the tea, the sugar, the fresh milk, the cups and the urn of boiling water are. They all sit neatly on a trolley. It’s the same most Saturdays. But the sign isn’t there today. Slowly a group gathers near to the trolley. Coincidence really. Some stand, some … Continue reading

Feedback is not a gift

Unsurprisingly, I’m a big advocate of feedback. The perspectives of others, especially from those that truly care, adds something to our understanding that we just can not add ourselves. There is indeed something giving in feedback which is possibly why feedback is often described as a gift. But… … I’ve yet to hear a contributor … Continue reading

Social froth

Social froth is here to stay. Continue reading

Challenging Talent

Some people are very good at putting talented people into boxes. As much as you might like or hate that concept it can be useful in many different ways. Some people are very good at seeing how talented people could be put into “boxes” you hadn’t even imagined. Seeing differently tests people differently which is often a really good … Continue reading

For Coaching & Mentoring

Some years ago a fellow coach and mentor shared a piece of very simple wisdom that has stuck with me ever since. Very simply they offered the nuance between standing for coaching and mentoring as opposed to standing for coaches and mentors. It’s a very subtle and simple difference at first sight. One supports a … Continue reading

A noticing

In this small moment in our time. What is happening right now? Do you see? Continue reading

At the heart of things

Various models and similar seem to use a pyramid style hierarchy to intimate the building blocks that allow you to progress to the highest levels. Even organisation charts in their structure are reminiscent of such pyramid style layering with the most senior (important?) role at the apex. Yet the greatest pyramids I’ve ever seen (in … Continue reading

Where life really lives

On and off since I was a child I’ve enjoyed fishing. A gift from my father. It’s not something that I’ve ever done regularly (or expertly) and I’ve never endured the extremes of discomfort that some do. What I’ve always enjoyed about fishing is the sense of adventure with the application of a little skill … Continue reading

Baselines, Deeper Metrics & Useful Comparisons

What does it say? I’m not quite sure but it’s making me think a little deeper. That’s what I think good and useful metrics do. Continue reading