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Where life really lives

On and off since I was a child I’ve enjoyed fishing. A gift from my father. It’s not something that I’ve ever done regularly (or expertly) and I’ve never endured the extremes of discomfort that some do. What I’ve always enjoyed about fishing is the sense of adventure with the application of a little skill … Continue reading

Baselines, Deeper Metrics & Useful Comparisons

What does it say? I’m not quite sure but it’s making me think a little deeper. That’s what I think good and useful metrics do. Continue reading

Unintentionally pointless

I’ve been having a bit of a clear out both IRL and even more so on social media… Continue reading

Calling time

The energy we choose to bring makes all the difference. Continue reading

Reverse Mentoring – backwards thinking?

I think there’s a problem with the term “Reverse Mentoring”. In part it’s semantics that I can easily see past – activities termed as “reverse mentoring” can be usefully informative and value creating. However, in part there’s something very fundamental that I sense misses the point of mentoring completely… Reverse Mentoring is most often used … Continue reading

Norfolk skies

All these places with spaces that people need to fill with the mass makings of others wanting the means to fill their spaces with the makings of others… Will the serpent never stop eating it’s own tail? Sustained by that which we can never truly consume, the currency of money fuels the serpent. By nature … Continue reading

The Three Failures of Performance Appraisal

There’s something about performance appraisal that isn’t quite right. Even those teams & organisations that feel they do it well enough sense it may not be good enough… We know there is both merit & value in setting, gauging and talking about performance. We want to recognise and support performance – it’s a very good … Continue reading

Coaching Journeys #coachingjourneys

Friday last week was a very cold start (-4C) but the sun was shining bright so I took Basil to the woods for his morning walk. The sun was burning bright but the frost was very heavy in the woods. The combination of the two was quite magical. It inspired me to share some of … Continue reading

Where are the camp fires & cave paintings?

Where now is that connection across the bright flames? The rituals of feeding in the firewood. Of stoking embers. Our faces towards each other. The dark behind us. The firmament overhead. That shared endeavour to sustain our bodies, together. Those smokey traces left in the morning air remembering our last connection together. Where are the camp … Continue reading

We are people

We are people, resourceful humans, not “Human Resources”. We were born creative, imaginative and innovative. Be the wise & caring human that you always were. We are the media, not the journalists, not the cyber channels. We are the meaning makers. Be curious. Seek your truths. Change your minds. We are the experts, not the … Continue reading