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Which came first, Leadership or Management? by Margaret Burnside

Welcome to the fourth guest post in this series. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sharing of perspectives in response to the statement that “There is no such thing as Management”. Today’s post comes from my good friend, collaborator and near neighbour Margaret Burnside (@MargaretBurnsid). With boundless energy, Margaret is one of those generous & ethical people you find in … Continue reading

Funny Things Words… by Paul Deemer

Welcome to the third guest post in this series responding to the statement that “There is no such thing as Management”. This post comes from Paul Deemer. If like me you follow Paul on Twitter (@NHSE_Paul), then you’ll know him for his passion for equality, diversity & human rights.  He’s one of those special people whose ethics & values … Continue reading

The Importance of Being Ordinary by Sarah Storm

Welcome to the second guest post in this series responding to the statement that “There is no such thing as Management”. This post comes from Sarah Storm – someone I’ve recently come to know through Twitter (@_sarahsto_). Sarah brings across a great perspective on the roles of leadership, management and the OD professional – I especially like her point on … Continue reading

The Relentless Pursuit of Having Nothing To Do by Anthony Allinson

In June I wrote a post here aimed to start challenging our thinking on how we see this thing we call “Management” especially in the context of Leadership. We seem to spend so much of our time pursuing the questions of Leadership that it feels relatively little time is given to Management. My provocation was the statement … Continue reading

The power of a well-chosen image; EEG measures of brain activity and exercise

Originally posted on NeuroBollocks:
This picture: …occasionally does the rounds on Twitter, often spurred by tweets from the kind of evidence-phobic accounts that publish whole lists of mind-blowing ‘facts’, at least 50% of which are made up. This picture has also spurred about a billion blog posts (like here, here and here), somewhat unsurprisingly, written…

There is no such thing as Management

We seem to spend so much of our time pursuing the questions of Leadership that relatively little time is given to Management. We assure ourselves that we know what management is. We assure ourselves that it is not the same as this artistry that we call Leadership. Yet all good leaders have a foundation of … Continue reading

We are Explorers, Discoverers and Adventurers

We like to think that we are explorers… discoverers… adventurers. We like to think that we are exploring the unknown. We like to think that what we find is novel. It is and yet often it is not. Our exploration, discovery and adventures are mostly in the realms of what we do not know ourselves. … Continue reading

The Language of Change

“Change” is talked about & experienced so much in many organisations that for some people the word itself is a barrier. Just using that word “change” can create a level of resistance that defies direct scrutiny but all the same prevents engagement. I happen to think that’s also a very human dynamic – don’t we all … Continue reading

Whose OD is it anyway?

Take a look at the organisation you are in or the organisations that you work with. Who in the organisation should have or has the responsibility to… Increase trust between people, teams & groups Increase levels of satisfaction & commitment between people, teams & groups Confront problems rather than neglect them Effectively manage conflict Increase … Continue reading

Change Failure?

There continues to be a myriad of “expert” articles published (mostly on the internet of course) quoting numerous statistics about change failure rates. Typically, this apparently popular narrative will state that somewhere between 50-70% of change fails. I’ve said before, I struggle to find any such statistic useful… Knowing that people & organisations can struggle to lead change … Continue reading