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Who complains about Professional Conduct?

Earlier this week I picked up on a few tweets about the @CIPD revised Code of Conduct. There’s also a good article (& comment) over on People Management. You may have seen some of the exchanges on Twitter between myself and @FlipChartRick, @MJCarty and @RobertBlevin. For a mini case study touching on the subject you … Continue reading

Friday Wondering – What is Coaching & Mentoring?

Each Friday I’m posting a “Friday Wondering“. These posts are meant to explore & discuss observations or issues which I think would benefit from discussion. Participation is open to absolutely anyone regardless of their expertise or knowledge. Just bring your curiosity! If you’d like to discuss on Twitter rather than here then why not. It … Continue reading

Advice in coaching

Traditional wisdom in coaching suggests that advice giving is poor practice. The rationale is that by giving advice to a client you are leading or telling the client what to do.  This directive action introduces a form of judgement and potentially takes away the clients’ ability to create their own solutions. In its purest sense … Continue reading


Perusing the “Activity” function last night on Twitter, I noticed that someone I was following had just followed what is best described as a porn tweet account.  I didn’t even know they existed! Anyway, I don’t know this person but I’m interested in their business.  They are the founder/CEO of a major people change organisation … Continue reading

Ruthlessly Results-Oriented

What ideas or reactions does the word RUTHLESS concoct for you?  It probably evokes feelings of someone who would trample over you or others to achieve their goal. So what if I described to you someone who was “ruthlessly results-oriented“? I recently exchanged tweets with @coachingacademy as follows: A bit more research and I found the referenced Fast Company … Continue reading