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Who do psychometric tools really serve?

If you’re reading this you either have accreditation/qualification to use psychometric tools or you don’t. If you do then the chances are that you’ve chosen tools that appeal to you philosophically &/or for their application.  You may believe in their efficacy; their appropriateness for your purpose; their recognition in the market.  Perhaps their uniqueness or … Continue reading

Purposeful Fun

Have you been following the recent series of guest blogs over at Trainers Kit Bag about “The best learning experience I ever had…“? If not, do take a look, there’s some great posts and even a contribution from me! Reading through these diverse experiences I’m struck by a common theme. Purposeful fun. It’s not a … Continue reading

Always there…

I can’t imagine losing either of my children. It’s perhaps a deep seated fear in all of us but it’s something I just can’t contemplate. Whether you have children or not I’m sure you know what I mean. My children have been poorly – we nearly lost our youngest in childbirth – but there have … Continue reading


Did you know that … Fifteen is the smallest natural number with seven letters in its name. 15 is the atomic number of phosphorus. In Judaism various celebrations start on the 15th day of the month. There are 15 players in a team in Rugby Union & major Gaelic games. There are 15 days in … Continue reading

Your challenge is beautifully simple

We live in a complex world. Most of our efforts to make things simple just create further levels of complexity. Take a moment to think about what it’s taken to relate this blog post to you now… The working environment around us. The electricity we are consuming. The devices we are using to read this … Continue reading

Commit! I dare you…

Do you know what drives change?  Commitment.  Nothing else.  It’s the basis for our relationships.  It’s how we hold ourselves accountable.  It’s how change comes about.  Commitments that are explicit, visible and enduring drive the greatest sustainable change.  Commitment is also how change fails… When your commitments are hollow, unrealistic or absent. When your commitment … Continue reading