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Self Awareness

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A noticing

In this small moment in our time. What is happening right now? Do you see? Continue reading

Are you leading?

There’s an awful lot written and spoken about leadership. It comes in varying colours, shades and guises. Most of what is written is about the value and impact of differing leadership styles and approaches – how to lead. Some of it may personally appeal and some of it may not. Some of it may actually … Continue reading

Give up on what you stand for?

Give up on the process. Sometimes abandonment is truly a better and more effective process. Give up on the approach. If it’s taking you to the wrong place then it’s not what you need anyway. Give up on the barricaded doors. People shut doors for a reason. They barricade themselves behind doors for even deeper … Continue reading

Small moments

Small moments fill a lifetime. Moments we capture and hold on to, tightly, even if we don’t quite realise that we do. Continue reading

1 in 53,000

People do funny things. Recent experiences have made me ask… What does it take for someone to do something clearly against the wishes of the far greater many? What does it take for someone to do something quite selfish and be appreciated by the far greater many? What does it take for someone to do something … Continue reading

The currency of you

You may not realise it but we all carry a unique coin. For all its use we’ll never spend it, lose it or give it away. It was minted by ourselves, with the help of others. Over time we’ve dented and tarnished that coin only to make it slightly more unique, a bit more in … Continue reading