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Contrary, Curious or Bored?

A few of you might have noticed a little post I pushed out yesterday titled Do Not Read!.  To a large extent I was exploring the curiosity we have when we notice a new blog post is published.  I was also perhaps mischievously seeing what would happen… Would people read a post clearly marked “do … Continue reading

Does your HR make a Sis-Boom-Bah?

It’s fireworks night and all around the skies are starting to fill with the whizz & crackle of tonight’s celebrations here in the UK.  OK, lots of the major displays have been going on all weekend for convenience sakes but tonight is the night. Later this week Doug Shaw is hosting The Carnival of HR … Continue reading

Follow your senses

Have you ever noticed how in organisations potential is seen as something you achieve or don’t?  Perhaps it’s connected to the use of sports analogies in the workplace or the dogged focus on talent through the monocle of leadership succession… Anyhow, there seems to be this portrayal as potential being something to achieve.  An ambition … Continue reading

Not feeling the love?

Sometimes we put a lot of effort into building a relationship…. Good faith.  Positive regard.  Active interest.  Support.  The outstretched hand of friendship. But sometimes it’s one way…  Wrong time.  Wrong person.  Wrong assumptions. And sometimes it’s for the wrong reason… Celebrity.  Reciprocity.  Self interest. Often we don’t know why the relationship isn’t meeting our … Continue reading

The Future of L&D

Last Friday, thanks to @DebbieCarter20, I was lucky enough to attend the Training Journal L&D2020 event on “The new L&D skill set – building relationships with the business”. Run by John Baker from Capita and Andy Holmes from Ernst & Young, the focus was on the changing role and skill set of L&D to meet the … Continue reading

You did it! Right?

Great weekend?  Fabulous!  Last week was busy wasn’t it & I’m sure this week will be too. You read Friday’s post here didn’t you?  Great! So you had that phone call… You emailed some folk to arrange to talk… You committed those fantastic plans to paper and shared them… Yes?  Great!  How did it feel? Oh … Continue reading

Will it go ’round in circles?

It’s the end of the week and we’ve all been very busy. Lots of talking. Lots of thinking. Lots of inspiration. It’s OK.  It’s Friday and the weekend is coming to rest our weary minds. But there’s the problem… as a salve the weekend can’t help but take away some of the energy you have … Continue reading

Bigger, Better, Faster, More?

Here I am just before my son’s swimming lesson and we’re talking about what he wants to concentrate on today. He wants Bigger, Better, Faster, More! I’m not a swimming teacher but I can see that all his enthusiasm and love of the water is actually having a negative impact on his swimming ability. What … Continue reading