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David Goddin’s PLN

How do you create a Personal Learning Network? Continue reading

How our comfort zone limits us

This week’s earlier post on “Why do we Blog not Vlog?” brought about a range of interesting and informed responses including a few short videos on Vine, YouTube & Periscope. There’s lots of rich thinking there so please do go back and digest. My overwhelming sense of the answer to my question is linked to comfort zones. … Continue reading

Why do we blog not vlog?

About 18 months ago my son posted his first YouTube video. It was a neat little 2 minute “how to” video for Minecraft. Yesterday I realised that it has had more views than all of my blog posts in the last 18 months. That’s a little sobering don’t you think? Now there are differences in … Continue reading

Sharing Practice – My Coaching

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post in sharing my professional practice. I described my approach to Coaching Chemistry Sessions which are often the start of the client experience when working with a coach. Essentially, I believe that Coaching Chemistry Sessions must reflect time well spent focussed on seeing what value can be created together. We always … Continue reading

Sharing Practice – Coaching Chemistry Sessions

In a coaching relationship we know it’s critical that there is the right level of trust, rapport and belief in the relationship. So it’s been common practice for anyone considering working with a coach to be guided towards an initial “chemistry session”. Why wouldn’t you want to take the time to get to know each other? Well … Continue reading