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Unintentionally pointless

I’ve been having a bit of a clear out both IRL and even more so on social media… Continue reading

How our comfort zone limits us

This week’s earlier post on “Why do we Blog not Vlog?” brought about a range of interesting and informed responses including a few short videos on Vine, YouTube & Periscope. There’s lots of rich thinking there so please do go back and digest. My overwhelming sense of the answer to my question is linked to comfort zones. … Continue reading

Why do we blog not vlog?

About 18 months ago my son posted his first YouTube video. It was a neat little 2 minute “how to” video for Minecraft. Yesterday I realised that it has had more views than all of my blog posts in the last 18 months. That’s a little sobering don’t you think? Now there are differences in … Continue reading

Engaging Socially in 2015

I joined LinkedIn back in 2004. I joined Twitter (@changecontinuum) in 2008. The company website (www.changecontinuum.com) went live early 2010. I also started blogging on Blogger in 2010 but I hated what I wrote, deleted it all and restarted in January 2011. A couple of years later I shifted from Blogger to this WordPress site. Over time, I’ve looked … Continue reading


Take the transformational and corrupt it into the transactional. Sell wide and thin. Relationships are a numbers game. Work with anyone who is buying. A bit here, a bit there. Screw the client need, forget the client wallet. Sell billable days. Increase rates whenever possible. Protect IP like it was your last breath. Speak, network, … Continue reading

Where do you discuss blog posts?

You may have read my recent post “No Comment Here… Let’s Discuss Elsewhere” over on my other blog at Passle. In it I shared my thoughts about the changing dynamics I see on blog comments. For me, most of my discussion about other peoples blog posts tends to be either over on Twitter or just when I … Continue reading

Listening for Stealers Wheel

If you’ve ever seen the film “Reservoir Dogs” it was quite possibly the first time you heard Stealers Wheel (Gerry Rafferty & co) singing “Stuck in the Middle With You”. The scene it was played in is now iconic… Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen) dances to the music which both obscures & accompanies the helpless plight … Continue reading

Serendipity Rules

So it’s the 26th November and we’re running a 3rd L&D Connect Unconference.  It feels like it’s been a difficult journey getting this community event ready, especially the marketing/promotion…  Who will come?  How do we best reach those who would be interested?  Will we have the numbers to pay for the venue?  My own fear … Continue reading

The Business of White Noise

Business… trade or profession; commercial activity. White Noise… random talk without meaningful content. Look… I can see you do superficial really well. Your frenetic Twitter timeline shows the broad shallowness of your sharing. The lack of meaningful dialogue and your constant affirmation that all things are cool, great, fab, groovy…. LOL…  just confirms this superficiality. I know… … Continue reading

Twitter 500

So any of you who have been following my little experimentations with Twitter following might be interested in a little update… a few of you have asked & I’m long overdue – sorry. If you’ve not been following and want to read the background then I explain here & here. Any of you who have … Continue reading