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At risk of being coached?

I met someone earlier this week and we were talking about coaching. The conversation turned towards how some practitioners take a very purist stance towards coaching and how others don’t. In this instance, a purist stance would be what is often termed “non-directive”. That is to say that the coaches role is purely to ask … Continue reading

You did it! Right?

Great weekend?  Fabulous!  Last week was busy wasn’t it & I’m sure this week will be too. You read Friday’s post here didn’t you?  Great! So you had that phone call… You emailed some folk to arrange to talk… You committed those fantastic plans to paper and shared them… Yes?  Great!  How did it feel? Oh … Continue reading

Will it go ’round in circles?

It’s the end of the week and we’ve all been very busy. Lots of talking. Lots of thinking. Lots of inspiration. It’s OK.  It’s Friday and the weekend is coming to rest our weary minds. But there’s the problem… as a salve the weekend can’t help but take away some of the energy you have … Continue reading