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Want more bang for your L&D buck?

Most organisations want to get real value from the learning and development opportunities they create or commission. Making as much of that investment go as far as possible isn’t being tight fisted, it’s very good commercial sense. It’s what we should all want. However, you don’t shrink your way to greatness so squeezing pricing isn’t … Continue reading

We all deserve to be heard

I believe we all deserve to be heard, especially by ourselves. You know, that moment when you speak something and realise… …just how fundamentally important that statement is to you; or …just how wrong you’ve been about the thinking you’ve been holding tight; or …just what that feeling you’ve been carrying with you is all … Continue reading

There is always time for what is worthwhile

So week three of daily blogging and it appears I’ve not run out of things to write about. Even on the busiest of days there is always time to pen something that feels worthwhile. Something to remember perhaps. Anyway I hope you the reader have been enjoying this weeks fare… Brilliantly Flawed – an insight into my … Continue reading

Beyond the “coaching silence”

In coach training you’re made very aware of the impact and value of silence. In fact I wrote a little about what this feels like as a practitioner earlier this year here in “The Silent Performance“. Recent events and experiences make me want to add to that earlier writing. When we find ourselves in coaching and … Continue reading

Fierce Friendship

We all need fierce friends in our work. Friends who will stand by us… and who will say no way am I going to stand there and neither should you. Friends who will cheer us on… and who will challenge us and tell us how wrong we are. Friends who will connect us to what … Continue reading

1 in 53,000

People do funny things. Recent experiences have made me ask… What does it take for someone to do something clearly against the wishes of the far greater many? What does it take for someone to do something quite selfish and be appreciated by the far greater many? What does it take for someone to do something … Continue reading

Brilliantly Flawed

Much leadership development work, talk and rhetoric seems to focus on apparent models of excellence. Such “excellence” may be the zeitgeist, cultural expectations, truly evidence based or just philosophically attractive. Even when the focus is on understanding self and impact, there is a tendency to focus on strengths and perhaps mitigate unproductive behaviours. At its best, … Continue reading

Inspiration & sharing

In my second week of this daily blogging routine I’ve found inspiration from a number of sources very much connected to the work that I do… “A bit of a kicking” – a funny way to start the week perhaps but some things we do have to bear… Do you really want a “Coaching Culture” – … Continue reading

Showing your colours

There’s a moment in team development when you see the whole team show their colours, together. It’s a beautiful moment and a tipping point. This isn’t at all about deception or hidden intentions as that idiom might suggest. It’s all about the team showing what they really stand for. It’s all about the team being the … Continue reading

We all leak

I have a phrase that I use… “we all leak“. It could probably be made more elegant – sometimes it does prompt a giggle – but I use it both as recognition as well as a warning. It describes how, even when we don’t think we are, we are constantly revealing our inner selves, leaking information … Continue reading