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Coaching Nirvana

I sense that there has often been an almost singular imagining of what coaching should be in organisations. It’s held up as though it’s a physical place that we can all journey to. An end state. When we arrive at that place we will each find the same thing. It will be wonderful. In that … Continue reading

Developing Talent to Lead the Future

There’s a difference between the capabilities that we need to drive change and the attitudes that we need to develop for our future organisations. The former is deeply human. Insights from neuroscience are better helping us understand what leadership capabilities make the difference to leading change with other humans. The latter is deeply cultural. Research … Continue reading

A thought on the contribution of management by Ian Critchley

We’re nearing the end of this series responding to the statement that “There is no such thing as Management”. Today’s post, our 11th so far, comes from Ian Critchley (@iangcritchley), a fellow coach and supporter of the EMCC. Ian’s narrative provides a really interesting way to frame our thinking on the capability & contribution of management. I hope you … Continue reading

Which came first, Leadership or Management? by Margaret Burnside

Welcome to the fourth guest post in this series. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sharing of perspectives in response to the statement that “There is no such thing as Management”. Today’s post comes from my good friend, collaborator and near neighbour Margaret Burnside (@MargaretBurnsid). With boundless energy, Margaret is one of those generous & ethical people you find in … Continue reading

Leader of the band?

There’s a quite common analogy that compares the role of leadership to the conductor of an orchestra or a band. You’ve possibly even heard of leadership development programmes that ask senior leaders to actually conduct an orchestra. [Yes I do have a very old video of my leadership/conducting skills, and no you can’t see it … Continue reading

Open Doors

Hopefully you read yesterdays post “My Mitten Monday” or perhaps earlier this year “A Story about Change Leadership“. If not then you need to know that my youngest son has mild hemiplegia. You also need to know that it’s Hemiplegia Awareness Week 2013 and it’s a great opportunity to add our support to the work being done by the charity … Continue reading

10 Questions To Test Whether Your Coach Is A Fake by Jon Bartlett

This week is ICF’s International Coaching Week and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate & discuss coaching. Each weekday I’m hosting blogs from a variety of authors exploring an aspect of coaching. You can read all the posts this week here & follow them on Twitter using #coachingblogs. The topic for today is “10 questions to test whether your coach … Continue reading

How not to write a blogpost about coaching and mentoring

During March I’m running a series of guest posts on “Diverse Coaching & Mentoring” – you can read more here. My aim is to create a space to explore, challenge, celebrate and raise awareness of diverse perspectives and applications of coaching & mentoring. I’m delighted that the first guest post in this series comes from Simon Heath. … Continue reading

Time to move on from lurking

I’m always curious about folk who are plugged into Social Media and passively watch without visibly engaging or contributing. It’s been referred to as “lurking” and I laid out some thoughts a year ago on a post called “Watch out there’s a Lurker about!”. In hindsight, the post was probably more about lack of community … Continue reading

Does your HR make a Sis-Boom-Bah?

It’s fireworks night and all around the skies are starting to fill with the whizz & crackle of tonight’s celebrations here in the UK.  OK, lots of the major displays have been going on all weekend for convenience sakes but tonight is the night. Later this week Doug Shaw is hosting The Carnival of HR … Continue reading