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Where are the camp fires & cave paintings?

Where now is that connection across the bright flames? The rituals of feeding in the firewood. Of stoking embers. Our faces towards each other. The dark behind us. The firmament overhead. That shared endeavour to sustain our bodies, together. Those smokey traces left in the morning air remembering our last connection together. Where are the camp … Continue reading

6 books that have shaped my practice

What is your philosophy and approach to the work that you do? What books have shaped your practice? Good questions to ask I think! Prompted by Jo Stephenson (@JoeyStephO) I’ve spent a few hours rummaging through the bookshelves and thinking carefully about the books that have most influenced my practice, approach and philosophy to the work … Continue reading

My Mitten Monday

The chances are that you the reader have an interest in people, their performance and their potential. Like me, it might even be your passion – I hope it is. Even so, I’m sure that you spend time considering others, supporting them, helping where you can. Maybe not as your professional vocation. Perhaps as a parent … Continue reading

Twitter 500

So any of you who have been following my little experimentations with Twitter following might be interested in a little update… a few of you have asked & I’m long overdue – sorry. If you’ve not been following and want to read the background then I explain here & here. Any of you who have … Continue reading

Carbon Copy

How sad to think that the only remaining demonstrable vestige of a 200 year old invention to create copies of correspondence is the automaton-like persistence of the many to distribute, often unthinkingly. For the last 35 years the explosion of electronic mail has increasingly shown little regard for the purpose of using that “carbon copy” let … Continue reading

Online Offline Homonym

You’re quite probably already familiar with homonyms – that is words that have different meanings in different contexts. A simple example is the word “bow” which depending on pronunciation can mean… bending forward at the waist  or the front of a ship a weapon to shoot arrows or a tied ribbon There are other examples but what distinguishes … Continue reading

Contrary, Curious or Bored?

A few of you might have noticed a little post I pushed out yesterday titled Do Not Read!.  To a large extent I was exploring the curiosity we have when we notice a new blog post is published.  I was also perhaps mischievously seeing what would happen… Would people read a post clearly marked “do … Continue reading

Do Not Read!

Aha! So despite the title of this post your curiosity got the better of you.  Excellent!  I’d have done exactly the same.  Actually I think curiosity is one of the most important human attributes we have… So what was it that you were curious about? Please just take a moment.  Define it a little but … Continue reading

Your Prime Purpose Is…

Have you ever thought why are you here? Not an easy question to answer and possibly because it’s framed around “why”… How about what’s your purpose in life? Big question… but I think a worthwhile journey to find your answer. I’d hate to die not appreciating what my purpose here had been… By the way, … Continue reading

What do you do?

“What do you do?” – You have to admit that as a question it’s actually quite pathetic isn’t it? Think about all the things that you do. Those you enjoy most. Those impact your life most. Those that define you. Of course we’re more familiar with trying to justify our existence answer with our work … Continue reading