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Question less? #WOL

I’m working out loud on some thinking here. It’s refining itself as I spend more time with it. I’m not sure what I will do with it. I know it needs others’ eyes now. If there’s something you can or want to add, please do so. I’d be interested to see what this provokes. Trust & … Continue reading

Buried Treasure

X marks the spot… or so you think. The map took you to this place but you have to go further. Destination X may seem like the goal but it’s not. Only in two dimensions was it ever. If you want the buried treasure you will have to go deeper. You will have to explore another, … Continue reading

The Language of Change

“Change” is talked about & experienced so much in many organisations that for some people the word itself is a barrier. Just using that word “change” can create a level of resistance that defies direct scrutiny but all the same prevents engagement. I happen to think that’s also a very human dynamic – don’t we all … Continue reading

Slightly Awkward

Even the word awkward is slightly awkward, don’t you think? There’s surely a word for that linguistic characteristic… Perhaps that’s why we don’t want to be awkward? Why we don’t want others to feel awkward. Why we want to put others at their ease. Why we want them to feel comfortable. Perhaps… Yet I want … Continue reading

The Learning Facilitators Charter

We will endeavour to facilitate the best learning experience, appropriate for your needs. If at any point this endeavour fails to meet your expectations or satisfaction then we will confront this deficiency, together, as it happens. We will make every effort to avoid raising failure or deficiency after the event when there is nothing we … Continue reading


Did you know that … Fifteen is the smallest natural number with seven letters in its name. 15 is the atomic number of phosphorus. In Judaism various celebrations start on the 15th day of the month. There are 15 players in a team in Rugby Union & major Gaelic games. There are 15 days in … Continue reading

The one where the "Boot" was on the other foot – Part 3 "The Way we Act"

Last week I was invited to join a demonstration day with TrainersKitbag (@trainerskitbag) and in yesterdays blog hereI talked about my reflections from the day focussing on “The Way we Think”.  In today’s blog I’d like to share my reflections on how we act. By Herzog Hans, Pfalzgraf, Graf zu Spanheim, via Wikimedia Commons* Part 3 … Continue reading

The one where the "Boot" was on the other foot – Part 1 "The Roles We Play"

Last week I was invited to join a demonstration day with Trainers Kitbag (@trainerskitbag).  They’re a great organisation providing a range of innovative games, events & simulations. The day was designed to try out their “Property Trading Game” product and spend quality time with the Trainers Kitbag team and other practitioners.  Although I’ve used games … Continue reading

Ruthlessly Results-Oriented

What ideas or reactions does the word RUTHLESS concoct for you?  It probably evokes feelings of someone who would trample over you or others to achieve their goal. So what if I described to you someone who was “ruthlessly results-oriented“? I recently exchanged tweets with @coachingacademy as follows: A bit more research and I found the referenced Fast Company … Continue reading