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I’m special as myself

This is a very special blog post for me for a number of reasons… It’s not written by me but by my youngest son aged 10. He’s written it in support of #HemiplegiaAwarenessWeek which the lovely folks at @HemiHelp organise each year. Its simple message is full of both reality and appreciation. It’s the 200th post … Continue reading

How to create a moon portal (or Standing on the Shoulders of Giants)

My youngest son (9 years old) consumes more content from YouTube than he watches TV. We’ve not encouraged or discouraged this, it’s just the best way for him to get the content that he’s most interested in. Back in the summer, I agreed to help him make a “one off” video wiki for Minecraft fans … Continue reading

My Mitten Monday

The chances are that you the reader have an interest in people, their performance and their potential. Like me, it might even be your passion – I hope it is. Even so, I’m sure that you spend time considering others, supporting them, helping where you can. Maybe not as your professional vocation. Perhaps as a parent … Continue reading

Could be better?

It’s a great day outside – the cool, early start of late summer with the guarantee of another hot day. Inside the kids are euphoric. It’s the first day of school and the kids are bouncing around the house excited. Looking forward to new challenges… Spending time hanging out with their friends… The recognition another year … Continue reading

Bigger, Better, Faster, More?

Here I am just before my son’s swimming lesson and we’re talking about what he wants to concentrate on today. He wants Bigger, Better, Faster, More! I’m not a swimming teacher but I can see that all his enthusiasm and love of the water is actually having a negative impact on his swimming ability. What … Continue reading

Great! Now I have guilt!

This time 8 years ago we came on holiday to Norfolk with our then 2 year son.  The holiday was wonderful but one of our biggest & fondest memories was going to Roys of Wroxham and buying him Buzz Lightyear & Woody toys.  Over the years, as in the stories, they’ve been loved & played … Continue reading


Five years ago I had a Blackberry – I hated it.  Not the technology itself but the ever present email & calendar.  With a change in jobs I quite happily left it behind and stuck with a simple mobile phone.  That didn’t work out so well in the end (long story) and everyone else already had a … Continue reading


As a parent, you help your children understand the boundaries and social norms that you believe are appropriate.  Family & friends help reinforce these views.  Our children will inevitably be exposed to behaviours which we don’t favour but it is all part of the learning process. To have a boundary you need to know what is on … Continue reading

Black & White

Yesterday was my 10year olds first chess congress.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but he was delighted at the prospect and specifically wanted me to join him.  Surprisingly this was not the fear of separation but actually recognition that he’d have my undivided attention for a constant 9 hours! Having driven the hour or … Continue reading

Prepare to Stretch Yourself!

Learning requires us to experience what we do not already comprehend. In the workplace, we naturally learn in small increments as we fulfil our roles. However, to create a shift in learning and ability often requires us to stretch our known skills into the unknown. Taking on such a challenge requires support, trust, encouragement and … Continue reading