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Changing Culture

Culture is something we can help shape and craft only if we are willing to work with it’s beautifully complex fluidity. Continue reading

At the heart of things

Various models and similar seem to use a pyramid style hierarchy to intimate the building blocks that allow you to progress to the highest levels. Even organisation charts in their structure are reminiscent of such pyramid style layering with the most senior (important?) role at the apex. Yet the greatest pyramids I’ve ever seen (in … Continue reading

Small moments

Small moments fill a lifetime. Moments we capture and hold on to, tightly, even if we don’t quite realise that we do. Continue reading

Inspiration & sharing

In my second week of this daily blogging routine I’ve found inspiration from a number of sources very much connected to the work that I do… “A bit of a kicking” – a funny way to start the week perhaps but some things we do have to bear… Do you really want a “Coaching Culture” – … Continue reading

We all leak

I have a phrase that I use… “we all leak“. It could probably be made more elegant – sometimes it does prompt a giggle – but I use it both as recognition as well as a warning. It describes how, even when we don’t think we are, we are constantly revealing our inner selves, leaking information … Continue reading

Do you really want a “Coaching Culture”?

Coaching is an important developmental skill. Coaching relationships can be incredibly powerful ways to support people in their development both inside and outside the workplace. Much contemporary thinking indicates it should a cornerstone of leadership in all organisations. I don’t disagree. Organisational context and need is critical but there is huge value to be gained from developing coaching … Continue reading

Doing the right thing by them

Tony Jackson recently wrote here inviting people to share (blog) about their bravest moments in facilitation and other learning & development (or HR) interventions. It’s an important facet of my work and I want to encourage others to do the right thing. If that means facing into your fear or the perceived fear of others then that will often … Continue reading

Beyond Coaching

Coaching is the art & science of facilitating the performance, learning and development of ourselves and others. Many people & organisations are still getting to grips with what that looks like, how it can be done well and what needs to be created to allow such coaching to take place. Those who have found their … Continue reading

Coaching Nirvana

I sense that there has often been an almost singular imagining of what coaching should be in organisations. It’s held up as though it’s a physical place that we can all journey to. An end state. When we arrive at that place we will each find the same thing. It will be wonderful. In that … Continue reading

The Future of Coaching by Simon Heath

This week is ICF’s International Coaching Week and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate & discuss coaching. So, each day this week I’ve been hosting blogs from a variety of authors exploring various aspects of coaching. You can see them all in one place here. To close the week of blogging it seems appropriate that the theme for … Continue reading